Friday, September 4, 2009

9/4 - Target species, Catch species

Had the pleasure of having Vic C. on board. He was an attendee of my Float-rig fishing seminar at Dicks Wings sports bar on Beach Blvd. a few weeks ago. And his buddy Mark.

Vic's an avid reader here, so he knows what makes me tick. He has his own boat and fishes with his wife in the creeks. Who couldn't attend our "on the water" Trout seminar today.

We left out this morning under dark skies patchy with plenty of clouds and a stiff N.E. breeze at the boat ramp. I pointed the Jettywolf westward, even though we had a great tide for some jetty fishing. I certainly wasn't up to fighting the waves and wind out there. (I'm getting older. I can tell.)

First spot was to teach Mark the way we where going to spend, at least half the day. What I call an acclimation area. Good current, no super challenges, and calm. So calm that the bugs were chewin' on us. Vic and Mark picked right up on the float-rig and we even caught a handful of small "buck" male Specks. I think they had it down. So we moved on.

The next spot should have been really hot, but wasn't. But we caught a few good keeper Trout up to 18" and a few small ones. But after a few adjustments on the spot. We just weren't into them steady. So we moved on once again.

No big deal. It was the incoming tide. And I had big plans to hit a hot spot once the tide turned.

Vic mentioned he'd love to try catching a Big Bull Redbass. So I told him we'd give it a try after we use up some of the 12 dozen live shrimp I had, and after the tide got low. We saw "the herd" of boats lined up in the river. But we substained. And I kept with my plan.

We took a break for a short while, and then the tide turned. I headed straight for where Kirk M. and I whooped up on the trout last week. It was a slow start, but in the end we caught some nice "box" specks, and a "mini-7 striped jetty snapper" - aka: Sheepshead. A Yellowmouth Trout and a few keeper Mangrove Snappers. With all but a few small shrimp left in the bait well. I asked the fellas, "Ya'll ready to go catch a big "RB" (Redbass)??" With a resounding, "Yes" we headed back eastward.

"Baiting and waiting", isn't always my favorite style of fishing. But I'm always willing to give it a try for a few really big ones. Since right now, we could catch the largest fish either one of the guys have ever caught. I like firsts!

It didn't take all that long, before we had a "bump, bump" on a bottom rod. And Vic took the rod.

The rod bowed, and spool emptied, and Vic was smiling ear to ear. As he struggled to put the breaks on the Bull Red. And thanks to my favorite reels of all time, my Accurate twin drags. Vic turned the fish and had it heading to the boat.
It was Mark's turn next, and after an adjustment of the anchor to get back in the ever changing river current. We sat BS'n for a while, when I saw the rod "bump, bump" again.

Mark was now hooked up to a Bull Red that was swimming under the boat. They will feed into the current and not always turn away and go, but rather eat the bait, and just keep swimming dragging the 6 oz sinker behind them.

Mark had to reel like his hand was a Black & Decker, but finally came tight and had a close quarters battle.

It was getting late. So we packed it in to go clean Trout. There's no disputing that the time is now to get your personal private day of adventure.

They're all biting.
"Isn't it time to...get you some!"

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