Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sept. 5,6,7.....

Whewww....Are you wore slap out after the labor day weekend?

Yeah, the river, ICW, everywhere but the jetties was "bank to bank" boats! The jetties weren't all that busy, because of N.E. winds and slight swells. But I did see some "free-jumping" spinner sharks, and there was lots of bait out there on Sunday.

Does this mean, like up north, that from here on out most everyone will start to pack up their boats, wrapping them in canvas and poly tarps, and store them in the back yard till next spring?

NOT LIKELY! But just let the football games begin. And right there goes a percentage of the weekend crowd.

I spent Saturday, Sunday, and Monday out on the river. On the TOWBOAT/US boat. So I got to see it all!

At one point on Sunday, I had to wait, look both ways, and then cross the St. Johns River as if I was on foot attempting a crossing of Atlantic Blvd during rush hour! It was that bad. BIG DIFFERENCE between now and when fuel was $4.25 a gallon in the spring!!!!
That's why people like myself and my fellow big Trout Tracker buddy, D.O.A. Rob, love the winter time, so much. Less people. But then again, the biggest misconception of all Jacksonville fishing is, that during the winter fishing charter's must not be as good, as the summer. It's the direct opposite. During the hot summer, when most of the vacationers are here.
The worst areas to navigate over this past weekend was the "HUB" - the ICW and river intersection. North into Sister's Creek, all the way into Ft. George river, to the Ft. George bridge. I was up there 3 times.

Once for a battery jump, once to check-out how the sand bars have shifted from behind Ft. George Island to the bridge and out to the inlet, and then another battery jump call, on Monday morning.

The pristine area, that I know as a great Black Drum, deep winter Trout area was transformed into a 2 mile long parking lot of boats. From rubber dingies, to 50 foot ocean going Sportfish boats. With needless to say......"endless amounts of tinny winnie bikini's."

The Jet-ski's is what makes me nervous. Like flies around a dead fish. They are out of control. From every direction, going every speed. It just looks like disaster waiting to happen to me.

And then, there's the people pulling small kids on tubes behind boats. Not just in Ft. George, either. But in the middle of the St. Johns and all over the ICW. I'd NEVER EVER pull my kids behind the boat where I see these people doing so. I picture this; Kid falls off tube, boat traffic is all around, drunk "partier" runs over my kid in a speed boat or jet ski doing 50mph. All hell breaks loose!

I guess, as a fishing guide I make it my business to not be near boat traffic. And I can tell you the best place to pull your kids around on a tube, but no one will go there, because it's off the beaten path. Behind Blount Island, back between Clapboard and Browns Creek. Slower current, and zero ships, tugs, jet skies, boaters, fisherman, and partiers. I was truly amazed at what I saw.

These past three days has me longing for a quiet weekday along the jetty rocks, that's for sure.

If you can, and want the best possible fishing charter, and best fishing opportunities. I'll reiterate myself for the one thousandth time........

Pick a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. And with more "holidays" coming in the future, like Thanksgiving. It would be very wise to plan ahead, and plan for the week before a holiday.

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