Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11/10 - Ewww.....storm scare?

My goodness. Did any one watch the late News on Channel 4, "your local station"? Damn I can't stand that news station. The weather guy John he's not the one that irritates me. It's the News Readers. I tell my parents, that they are the old folks local yokal news people. Because "if" my parents do watch the local yokal News....they seem to have that station on.

They had someone over in Pensacola, it was windy and raining....Barely! And those News Readers were really hammin' it up. Especially the woman.

I was at the Mayport Boat Ramp at 7am this morning getting some fresh water for my left-over live shrimp. And it was the BEST weather I have seen since the weekend of the 1st of November!

South, South East wind.......light and pretty nice. If it's anything resembling this morning I'll be oh so happy on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, during my charters.

I started out with Tuesday thru Friday reserved, then had a cancellation, then a move of one day, then a few calls for the days I had open, then.......Ewwwww, the storm scare!!!

Any one remotely remember T.S. Fay?

Now that was rain! Big Rain!

Dumped flooding level rain everywhere in the neighborhood of 20 inches in a day or two.

I guess with all the shootings, and traffic reports and another poor Jaguars game blacked out, the hint of some rain and wind anywhere in the state gets the talking heads all excited, to almost the point of "over acting".

Local News should just be, News. They're not entertainers, the news isn't fun entertainment, but you'd never know it the way they all act, fight for your attention, and believe they are big celebrities.

Its so damn funny.


Mayport Marine weather:

And that's just my opinion. Real world coming up next after Wednesday.

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