Monday, November 9, 2009

11/9 - SAY IT AIN'T SO...your 2nd installment for the month.

Sorry, but remember if you come here to my daily reports to see where I'm fishing, get some pointers, to read about how windy it's my friends have exposed YOURSELF to an Alloy eduction, at the same time.

The last installment was lame. A US Navy battleship. Who cares about that, right? I know I couldn't care less what new boat the Navy over paid for. But it was all Alloy, so I posted it.

Now let's talk FISHIN'.

I guess if I fished out of St Pete, Florida I wouldn't hear the comments like, "that's the biggest aluminum boat I eva' seen!!!" (which is so un-true. Around here you see the Pilot boats all the time.)

But back to fishing in ALLOY.

Here's a all aluminum 35' Armstrong fish/dive charter boat. Yes, in St. Pete, Fla.

Armstrong is a very well respected builder of custom alloy boats for all purposes.

Now this is the kind of boat I would go Grouper/Snapper fishing in.

It's for sale for the messily price of $289,000.00, with A/C in the cabin.

And what do I see in the background of this very that another Aluminum plate alloy welded boat?

Hmmmm, so I do have brethren in the Sunshine state! Beside little thin green jon-boats, hahahahahaha.

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