Monday, November 2, 2009

11/2 - Give the gift of fishing, to a youngster.

Make the Pledge. Join many others through ANGLER'S LEGACY by down loading this simple coupon that you can give a young angler.

Pledging to take a youngster fishing, it's not that hard. It'll mean he or she can count on you, to spend a quality day together sharing a wonderful past time....FISHING.

Things like XBOX, and PlayStations are a real problem with today's youth, and adults too. Believe me, I see it all the time. Kids that won't even touch a fish, are afraid of a shrimp. Kids that get bored way too easily, and have no patience.

I didn't have all that plug-in entertainment, when I was growing up. And am so much better for it, I believe. My playstation was the outdoors.

Real world, real activities, real challenges. Easily done with Mom, Dad, brother's or sister's, Aunt's Uncles, Grandpa's or Grandma's. In the outdoors, enjoying the planet we all live on!

Making Memories.....

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