Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November reservations: It's Holiday Time!!

Reservations This & Next Week: (think ahead...holidays are coming)

6th, 7th evening , 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th...But I had a cancellation for the 12th. So that day is now open, unless something changes with the crew I had, that day.

Monday the 9th I'm open, till noon. So a 1/2 day is availible. Sun-up departure on the 9th.

It's time to REALLY start thinking about Thanksgiving week. Right now, a past customer has grabbed the day before Turkey day. The day after Turkey Day is usually very popular. So plan ahead....calls at 8pm for the next morning, isn't the best way to do it. You do want a Happy Captain don't ya?

All Holiday week scheduled Charter's should be reserved in advance as possible.

Fishing Forecast:

I believe, it's really "GO-TIME", when the jetties are fishable (calm). From limits of Reds to Trout, and many more. They're all chewin'. Just 2.5 miles from the dock, makes for a day when lines are in the water the longest. So we really just do a 3/4 day - 6 hours.

I'm even carrying on the boat now a nice florescent hand held 12 volt light, so if it gets dark on us quick, I can still clean your catch for you. Unlike cleaning fish in the dark, like I did on Nov. 1st.

THINK F-I-S-H, when it comes to Thankgiving dinner.

Wouldn't you think fish were a whole lot easier to catch/kill than a Turkey or Hog (Ham), if you were struggling for something to eat in this "new land". My perfect Thanksgiving dinner would be, fish a couple ways, and Oysters a couple ways. Steamed, Fried, and baked. Now that's a real Pilgrim feast, in my book.

From what I have learned.....White Englishman sure screwed over the Wapanaw Indians! I guess if it wasn't them, it would eventually been the Spanish. If history happened a different way.

I bring up the fish idea to the Family each Holiday season. (not dried fish jerky, either) But, every one's so set in their ways. Maybe they all know, left overs would be slim afterwards.

Did you know Thanksgiving didn't become an official Holiday till around the Civil War?

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-Hope to have you aboard this fall/winter season. Remember, this time of year is the best inshore fishing N.E. Florida has to offer. Oct. thru May is my favorite time of year. Not mid July and August.....It's just so hot, then.

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