Friday, November 27, 2009

11/25 bumped to 11/26: with Traveller Bob

Well, talk about L-U-C-K. Bob J. who's fished with me before, books his charter wayyyy in advance, which is great. Because it was the day before Thanksgiving, so he wanted to make sure to get that date.
He comes down with plans to fish with me on the 25th, and then go out in his own boat that he drug down from N.C. on the see how much soaked in after our day together. Bob wanted a little bit more confidence with the ole Float-rig.

Ready to rumble, Bob has taken every "hint" I'd put out here on my daily reports, about floats, rigging and tackle. He got himself, the exact same rods I use, for Trout fishing.

Bob's a Kingfisherman, and this past summer won the Fernandina King Mac Tournament with a massive 48+ pounder, out of his 17' Boston Whaler.

So needless to say, we didn't fish on Wednesday, in the rain, dreariness, and high winds. So right there, Bob's best laid plans went askew, due to Momma Nature.

So we went out on Thanksgiving morning at 0730 hrs. And it was beautiful!  I had a real hankering to get into an all out whack'em and stack'em fishing clinic. And that was hard to find, right off.
The falling tide was so damn weak, and I'm sure the weather just 24 hrs before didn't make it any easier on me.

But we eventually found a spot, that produced a bunch of Trout.....some were keepers and many were border-liners. Along with a couple "pup" Drum, which one was a keeper. I pretty much let Bob loose on the area. Since, I was hungry.  I stood ready as net man while eating fried Trout left-overs from the night before.

We had only "so much" falling tide in the morning. And believe me when I tell ya....."you need to pay attention to the tide height"  Because, we tried TWICE the same spot DOA Rob and I fished lures at on Monday. And it didn't produce squat! Cause, there was no current, no "flushing action". Which is imparative at this location. It's the reason the Trout show up at this particular area in the first place

I didn't take any photos. We didn't catch any super whopper Trout. Just some 15-3/4 inchers to around 17" box fish. And the amazing the funny thing  was, all around the area we found these fish at. Produced no other Trout. What?

It was if the fish were in a 20' round circle and no where else. Which is very un-common. Usually if they're on one spot, you can find them along the same bank, 100 yards down too. As the tide goes down.

We also caught a few Mangrove Snappers and kept them also, but the word of the day would have been:
Because that's how the tide was. We never went toward the jetties. We could see the water breaking over the North Rocks, and there was a swell coming in at the carrier basin, in the river. No sense messing with any of that.

Bob is great to fish with, and have aboard. And we had a fun day, as he honed his "inshore" skills.

Saturday with Eric and his wife from Savannah. It's her birthday.

The tide will be a bit stronger.         

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