Saturday, November 28, 2009

11/28 - NO SHOW....

For only the second time in 13 years, today I had a "no-show charter". I even called to see what the deal was, and even waited around for an extra hour. So....I went fishing on their deposit. I had loads of sprightly live shrimp in the well, so I hit the closest spot I could, (just in case I got a call in return).

Yep, I went a whopping 1/4 mile from the dock. And in 30 minutes had my limit of Speckled Trout from 16-19 inches. I weeded through some 14-15 inchers. But at this point in the morning after being at the bait shop by 6am, waiting in the cold at the boat ramp for that 8am departure. It was all about "speed" and "closeness", and catchin' "dinner!"

I caught overall about 10-15 Trout friends, and even tangled with a monster Redbass, that ate my lunch!
I had been catching fish about 50-100 feet behind the boat on the ole float-rig. Completely a surprise to me, because they normally would have been right behind the boat. And when I hooked what looked like and fought like about a 33" Red, from that far away. The odds were agaist me.

I tell my customers the same thing.....but in a funny way. When their floats out behind the boat 150 feet, I always say, "Ya know, when that Blue Marlin takes that shrimp, you ain't getting it to the boat being that far away, on that light tackle."  Most know I'm joking about the Blue Marlin, but then again every once in awhile I do get asked if there really is Blue Marlin in the river.

I thought I was gonna set the hook on just another Trout. BUT I WAS WRONG.

But then again, I was really done, I had my limit of Trout in no time. Before I took off, I was minding my own business and two guys have to pick exactly where I'm at, and ride right up my float line. They were totally clueless. And there's a certain kind of fisherman out there, that no sooner they see you catching a fish, they're on you like, stink on shit. That's what these two clueless wonders were doing. They anchored and were catching 3 inch seabass, as I continued to yank Trout after Trout, from next to their boat.

The rest of the day, I just goofed around down river. Because it was so damn beautiful out there. Yeah cool this morning, but it warmed up nicely, the sun was bright and it was a glorious day. Could have been only better if it was a Monday thru Wednesday....(without all the others around)

Let me tell ya. Them fresh fried T-routz sure were goooood! This time I mixed "Zaterains" fish fry mix with "House Autry" fish fry mix. The house Autry is more flour like, while good ole Zaterians is more cornmeal like. Either way, there's not much I like better than a fresh fried Speckled Trout fillets. Maybe Pink Sword Fish steaks, but then again, that's more like fillet mignon from the ocean.

I can't afford Fillet Mignon, very often, so Trout will have to do.  

Maybe out with DOA Rob on Sunday. I still have dozens of live shrimp left.

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