Sunday, November 29, 2009

11/29 - It just doesn't get no better!!

It's really too bad that these Holidays get in the way of fishing. (Not for me.) I'm talking the rest of the world.
People come here to J-ville, wanting primo fishing. And miss the primo fishing most of the time. They can't go fishing! It's the holidays!!!!  bla,bla,bla,bla,bla,bla,bla,bla,bla,bla

These over commercialized, keeping China rich, American holidays could just vanish off the calender and I'd not loose a second of sleep at night. Because fishing, this time of year is all I care about. While the rest has their Turkey dinners from Publix, black FRIDAY'S, and crowded car filled streets and parking lots of J-ville. I'll just get up at dawn, have a cup of coffee, and head out to breathe the cool crisp salty air, and catch my own dinner. It's why I'm in this business. Because I love my job, because it's not like a job.All I want to do is get you into lots of fish. If you'd let me.

I sound like a broken record to myself. Because I don't know how many times I've wrote this exact same statement, year after year.

"Don't come to J-ville in the 99 degree heat and look to have the action DOA Rob, and I had today. Because even though we're about a month late, as far as the normal fishing schedule goes."

It just doesn't get no better.

- departed at 8:30 am
- anchor down and on location by 8:35am (1/4 mile from dock)
- first Trout in the box, 8:45am
- two limits, (10-Trout) in the box by 9:30am

Stick a fork in me (and Rob).....cuz we're D-O-N-E!!!

Rob and I, when out together set our own boat size limit of 16 inches. An inch larger than a legal Speckled Trout.  Got to protect the resource, right? Well, I don't under stand why limits can't be regional, like Trout closures. Take away the commercial hook & line sale of Trout in June through August, and raise the Trout limit in N. Florida to 10 fish per person 15-20", with one over 20" as a trophy. That would be really make fishing for them a bit more worth it.


It's funny all the contemplating you can do when fishing. Converstation when out fishing is part of the enjoyment. And Rob and I talked, plenty. And talked about.......Sheepshead, too. Also, a cooler time of year fish at 15 per person which is, rediculas! No one needs fifteen Sheepshead and like Speckled Trout, the average "weekend fisherman" never catches 15 per person, either. So regionally, it's wouldn't be a give away program.

Just think, if you were with me on this BEAUTIFUL weekend. What fish tales you'd have, and what the cooler would have looked like......Stuffed like a Christmas stocking?  Rob and I had so much fun putting on a clinic, on this clear, cool, blue skied, winter day.

I also caught two Sheepshead. Which is about my personal limit of what I'll clean. They just don't fillet as easy as a nice fat Trout. And since I have to do all my cleaning on the boat at the dock. I make the rules.

We had no less than 50 Specks. Because after our limit of 10 was caught, I just had too many live shrimp left in the livewell from yesterday's solo trout slaughter, with the "no show" charters shrimp. So Rob and I made a move.....a whopping 200 feet and anchored up again and continued the whackin' & stackin'. Till every last shrimp was gone. And we were still back and done cleaning the fish at 1:00pm.


Hate to say it. But you sure did miss one heck of a weekend.

It just doesn't get no better!


Keep American's working!!
Let's s go fishing for the Holidays. Aboard Capt Dave's "Jettywolf" Comfort & Extreme safety in plate alloy.

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