Sunday, February 28, 2010

2/28 - Chit-Chat

Weather forecast is still holding for Monday Feb. 1st. heading out on "the hunt", with my buddy Nick of the band Rathkeltair, who I haven't seen in awhile. "He needs a laid back day of fishing..."

The high tide in morning is going to be like 6 foot! So toss in that challenge. But I don't care.

Was at the Northside Gander Mountain on Saturday:
I called it their Spring Fling. But they called it their First Cast. Supposedly having sales over the weekend. Which I think was discounts on certain tackle items or gift certificates if you purchased brand X.

I was invited along with a few other guys I knew, to give 30 minute seminars. But when I got there at 10:45am for a noon seminar, the parking lot was pretty empty. And by noon, not much was really going on.

Rick Ryals, was to do a Dolphin fishing seminar prior to me. But I didn't see any thing going on over at his table. As I checked out all the Shakespeare Ugly Stik rods that I haven't seen before. Then, came my turn. So I got back over to my table, where I had some rack cards laying out, and a few guys and I were talking. Jax Trout Tracker Forum member, Sam was there. And we were chatting. When a fella said he was wanting to hear about float-rigging...."ahhhh, someone interested?"

So,  I grabbed my tackle and started to show the guys about the how's and why's. When a few more people showed up. Pretty much the smallest crowd I have ever had a at seminar, maybe 10 guys. But there wasn't many people in the whole store! So I did what I could. This is my second year heading up to Gander Mountain for an event.  And I guess you could say, it's the economy (the present day catch all excuse) but the last time I saw monster crowds there, was when they had their actual Grand Opening. Since, then it maybe just pure survival, who knows? I'm sure Rick was expecting at least a small crowd. And I don't know what the other guys eventually did. Maybe they "seminared", maybe they didn't. There was more of "us" then shoppers.

The one fella that said he was there to hear me talk about the float-rig said, "thanks, I learned alot. I never knew all that." A sincerly appreciative guy. I told him, I'm the guy in that big aluminum boat. You'll see me out there. Since he said he fishes around the Lil' Jetties sometimes.

I was about 5 seconds away from purchasing a few of the new model Ugly Stiks with my 10% off coupon (tax saver) I had from Gander Mountain, when I saw the real sale on Shakespeare was on the 28th, instead. Like I need another hole in my head, really? But for Shark fishing the new "white charter boat series rods in 6'6" sure looked like they'd really do the job.

They look industructable! And matched up to my twin drag model 870 Accurate reels ( would surely put the whoopass on the largest shrimp boat follower, this summer. But I already have custom built shark rods...."hey, variety is the spice of life, right?"  

I planned on making it over to the El Cheapo Sheepshead tournament at the Mayport Boat ramp. But had errands to run, after Gander Mountain. So I never made it there. I'm curious to see what percentage of fish were caught this year compared to other non-freezin' cold years.

My focus is Monday. When Speckled Trout re-opens. Because usually the first week of March is kinda crappy weather. And it's hard getting to them, during years when they are actually chewing. I remember one March 1st thru 5th, when it rained and blew the whole first week. And the Trout were stacked up at the Nassua Sound bridge like "cord wood", the week prior. It was just killing me. But in 30 mph winds and rain wasn't even worth the try. Now, this year it'll be just finding a decent amount, and some over 15 inches, will be challenging.

Almost any other year, they'd be at the jetties!  And all I'd need would be the right tide. The general rule of thumb is, closer to the inlets in winter and spring. And a gradual distance away from the inlets in spring and by deep summer they're further up river. Following food.....

Expect extreme tides most of this week. With "flood" waters in the middle of the day. least I'll be able to make it into some areas I usually can't get into. But that doesn't mean there will be fish there. We'll see, huh?

To sign petition to fight closure of all bottom fishing offshore beyond 95 foot for the next 35 years. Go here and follow link to sign petition:
NOT one word back from the National Marine Fisheries Service about the call I made in to see what the story was on the tagged Redfish that Zach Farrington caught. It's been a week so far. All I got was a message, "leave your name and number and the tag number and we'll get back to you." You can bet I will stay on top of this.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

2/25 - Fisheries management to "OUR" river.....


Guess where I'll be?

MARCH is St. Johns River Month.....yes, we have a month devoted to "OUR" river.

-Finally, Mayor John Peyton (Mayor Delany would never have dragged his feet...I really liked him) is issuing a proclamation declaring March to be “St. Johns River Month”, and the Jacksonville City Council is moving forward with a similar resolution. There are a variety of exciting upcoming programs and events during the month of March to celebrate and learn about the St. Johns.

One great idea is to book yourself a private personalized Light Tackle fishing charter or River cruise: aboard Capt Dave's Jettywolf boat, and have a good time exploring "OUR" river. 

-remember your government is lobbied if you didn't know that. And there's people out there that don't want you to fish. They want it all stopped.

Coastal Conservation Association

6919 Portwest, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77024
Email: Website:
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Feb. 24, 2010 CONTACT: Ted Venker, 1-800-201-FISH

Coalition seeks to avoid fisheries management “train wreck”

Overwhelmed agency incapable of properly implementing law

Passage of the 2006 Magnuson-Stevens Act, the overarching law that manages America’s marine fisheries, revealed crippling deficiencies within the agency charged with implementing the law. Recently, a coalition of marine angling and industry groups launched an effort to improve the National Marine Fisheries Service’s efforts to manage the nation’s marine resources and the 13 million saltwater anglers who depend on healthy fisheries.

“We have the most conservation-oriented law we have ever had governing our marine resources, and the agency does not have the data, assessments, science or, frankly, the attitude, to adequately implement it,” said Chester Brewer, chairman of CCA’s National Government Relations Committee. “The result is that the agency has been reduced to managing fisheries by closure which was not the intent of the law when it was passed by Congress.”

In addition to requiring an end to all overfishing by 2011, the Magnuson-Stevens Act requires that the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) have a determination on the overfished status of every species under management, and have annual catch limits and accountability measures in place for them by a time certain as well.

“For far too many species, there is not any science at all to do that and to develop it will take one to three years for every single species,” said Brewer. “With its startling lack of data, there is no way NMFS can catch up on decades of work and the agency will be crushed by its lack of science. The entire federal management system will be forced to ignore real conservation and management issues, and simply manage by closure. The coalition is seeking a way to fulfill the conservation tenets of the law without driving the entire process into a train wreck.”

Current efforts to revise the Magnuson-Stevens Act, including the so-called “flexibility” legislation (H.R.1584 and S.1171) do not address the shortcomings of NMFS that are negatively impacting anglers and, in fact, jeopardize a number of the true conservation gains in the Act.

“H.R.1584 and S.1171 do not provide for better data-gathering or prevent the imposition of in-season closures when NMFS believes there is a danger of overfishing, nor do they improve recreational data and the way it is used. It just delays rebuilding,” said Brewer. “That is not where the problem lies.”

Among other administrative and appropriations requests, the coalition is urging the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to convene a blue ribbon panel to identify the long-term data, statistical, research and funding needs of the regional fishery science centers. The outcomes of this panel will help to inform the appropriation needs related to recreational fishing data and statistics for NMFS and coastal state fishery agencies.

“There is a great deal of frustration among recreational anglers, much of it attributable to an agency that doesn't have the ability to properly manage us,” said Pat Murray, president of CCA. “The shortcomings of NMFS have to be fixed, either administratively or by Congress. Recreational anglers deserve both a meaningful law, and an agency capably of implementing it.”

Monday, February 22, 2010

2/20 - Basically what I thought...

Had Dave and his son Zach aboard on Saturday. We took off to the Jetties and it was trhe last of the falling tide. So we fished Jigs and Shrimp for awhile.

Dead shrimp....although very fresh. Because the bait shop didn't have any live shrimp availible. The west coast shrimp were either hard to catch or it just wasn't enough to make the trip worth going over there to get them.

But the dead works on a jig. Not really the tide I wanted for where we were fishing. But each of us got bit.
Barely. The shrimp was bit and we all had a "hanger-on-er" type bite. Pretty bad when I'm having to analyze the bites. Probably by the looks of it, very half hearted Sheepshead. And not easy for someone to get or even feel. Heck, it's saltwater fishing...the fish are supposed to slam dunk us right? Not now, they ain't!

So we moved eventually and I had plans on soaking the shrimp on the bottom and putting in our time. So as the tide slowed we moved and sat inside the rocks. Vertically fished, but the tide was pouring in on the bottom, and out on the top.......usual scenerio many times. And zero was happening, so after a few more moves I was fed up with that. A short ride up into the river was in order.

I want lines behind the boat, and sinkers holding along aknown fish hiway, if not a rest stop. No fuss, just laying out baits, and keeping some smell going. So to the lil jetties areas we went.

Perfect anchor position, incoming tide rippin'....had to go to 6 ounces of lead to hold bottom. Which tells me right there that chances for the "targeted species" Black Drum maybe slim to none. I've never caught a black Drum in screaming tide. But, it was a good spot. So good that people were stacked in front of me, on top of my anchor line.  And it was one noisey boat too that parked in front of me. I guess I'm just used to the "purrrr" of the Honda, huh? It was a loud merc with a "jet drive" on a aluminum Sea Ark boat. If I had that boat, that'll skip over a foot of water I certainly wouldn't be sitting in a 4 knot incoming tide in the river. But rather up in BFE creek somewhere, getting in on the solar panel effect of the low tide and super high sun shiney day. Where I hear "all" the fish in all of Jacksonville are.

Well to make a long report shorter, we sat there soaking baits with out a bump. So I made a move into the ICW and tried another spot where I've caught winter sheeps, drum, and yellowmouths. No bites again, but PLENTY of cruiser traffic and wakes. Since it was cabin fever release weather. Time to blow the cobwebs out of the 38' SeaRays.

I had confidence in my lil Jetties spot, so the tide slowed and we jumped back into the spot. Everyone was gone by now. So as the precession rounded the rock island, and the currents there went all whacky. We caught 2 - 6", something with scales and gills!!

And then came a really good bite. Zach grabbed the rod, let it munch a second and then the fish moved off.
Big bow in the Shakespeare Tiger lite and drag peeling on the low pro Shimano Cruxis. It took awhile on the light tackle, plus toss in alot of carefulness not to loose this fish and up popped a nice Redfish.

It had 35 spots, was 31 inches, weighed in at 10 pounds and had a TAG in it. I cut the tag off and it said, NMFS - National Marine Fisheries Service Miami, Florida, and had a tag number and a 1-800 number to call.

Seriously nice fish. Tagged because of all the spots? Hmmm, I wonder. At this time I have a call into the NMFS tagging program this morning. Had to leave a message and the tag number. I guess I'll know what the scoop is when they call me back. It'll be interesting.

Our day was about done. But we stayed a bit longer and even tried another spot. And never lost a shrimp as the falling tide started.

Tough, tough fishing for sure. It was great weather. That was the upside. But like I told my neighbor when I got home;  "I'don't care if it was nasty, cold and windy if we'd be catching fish or at least getting bit."

The truth is, "ya have to get bit, to catch the fish." and I couldn't care less what the weather's like.
I'll update on the tagged Redfish, when I get it.

Never saw water temp over 53 degrees.
B&M had live shrimp again, Sunday at 8am.

Friday, February 19, 2010

2/19 - Monthly dose of pure metal



Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2/17 - What you don't read much this time of year.



if I had a hankerin' to go fishing...guess what day I'd choose?





-the words LIGHT & VARIABLE, are two of my favorites in the English language. Especially, in winter.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

2/13 - Took the long road North

Before my good customer Kirk, who was just out with me on the 3rd goes back to Lima, Peru. We headed out again today. Today was actually our pre-planned day. The one I had wrote down in my book. But yesterday it looked really dim. Rain on and off, cold and just plain nasty. But we spoke at 7pm last night and decided, "why not go? It's not like we haven't fished in some of the worst weather imaginable before, over the years."  

Kirk's up for about anything. He's like I am. A day on the boat with rod in hand is better than about any day, doing anything else.

Plus, I had a plan. Or more like a destination in mind. You could almost say it was "chasing a report", sort of.  But, there's one thing I don't do. Chase someone elses reports, or chase a bite, that's supposed to be.
Because more often than not, it doesn't work out. But I did head due north, only because I haven't been to this particular locale in a long time. And with a 15-20 knot NW wind blowing, I just didn't want to fish the same ole places, today. I wanted to go some where a bit different. I get so bored fishing the same ole areas, county, and even the state. If you know me well, you know I would love to be fishing some place new at least 6 months out of the year.

Hawaii? That would be NEW! "Can I just tie off to your stern?"

It was at least a 30 mile round trip. But we headed to an area where the bite of Trout and Reds are a sure thing if you're in a kayak........"Yeah, like I'm in a yak alright!" Could I get any further away from a Yak in my boat?  But, being one to believe that ya have to be ridgidly flexible here in N.E. Florida especially in the deep winter. I'll try about anything. At least we'll be way more comfortable than if we were yak fishing.

The tide was mega high and stayed that way for a long while. Made for easy getting into the creek we headed too. But crappy for fishing. We waited out the tide and let it fall out of the submerged grass as we sat anchored up in a 25 foot hole, with live shrimp on jig heads soaking on the bottom, in hopes of catching anything. It was burn your hands cold, the sun was blanketed with clouds and the wind was blowin'.

Not a sniff on the shrimp in the hole. So the tide finally fell out of the grass and we moved around, searching.
We fished cuts in the creek, behind sand bars. Working float-rigs, popping corks in shallows, jigs and plastics. ZERO.......

Then, like a button was pushed. The clouds went away and the sun started to shine. At least it makes us feel a bit better. So we worked our way out of the creek and stopped along a straight stretch lined with oyster beds on each side. The current was weak as all hell, but we float-rigged it. Kirk and I both had something take our floats down, very half heartedly. The water temp was a balmy 48 degrees again as we sat in the 6 feet of water. With no consistant action, we moved on to another area at the mouth of the creek. Float fishing again, we drifted our rigs past a sand bar, and I got a take down and a missing shrimp. Kirk hit the same spot and came back with his hook mashed down. Hmm, looks like Mr. Sheepshead is in there. Nothing can smash a hook like a 7 striped jetty snapper. The tide died so we moved on out of the creek and over towards the Nassua sound bridge, on the way back.

Kirk caught 2 small Trout at the bridge spot, on the float-rig and shrimp. I don't really want to say LIVE shrimp, because they seemed dead. Lasting about 30 seconds on the hook before becoming very dead. It's been that way since the switch to the Gulf Coast Shrimp, and the extreme cold.

And I even had a tug on a jig and saltwater assassin chicken on a chain, plastic shad. That's pretty pitiful when ya get excited when a fish yanks on the tail of your plastic bait! We could easily see which way this day was going. And then, I had that feeling.......just like I don't like chasing a report. I was starting to get that feeling of second guessing myself.
Which I hate. We should have just hung at the jetties, or worked some of the same places we fished last time.
Because this bite was gone. Maybe jigging at the jetties would have been alot more exciting?
No sense worry about it now, huh?

We tried along the ICW one more time and didn't have any current except the wind howling and blowing the boat around so we headed back to the dock.

Next time I'm out I'm gonna stick to my usual areas. At least the ride isn't as long and cold. That's one word I can't wait to be out of my vocabulary. I can't bring myself to sit and fish a fiddler crab for a Sheepshead, either. But we saw 3 guys in a small boat doing just that on the channel marker poles in the ICW. Guess they were scouting up them pole dancers, for the El Cheapo Sheepshead tourney at the end of the month.

Friday, February 12, 2010

2/12 - Mixin' it up a bit...

I've added a few things to the ole blog lately. Ya know, along the right side bar space. Which by the way seems endless. I remember when I had maybe two items along the side of these pages....

First is the new forum. Jax. Trout Trackers. A forum for the fisherman who wants to learn more about Jax Trout fishing, share reports with others, post questions, answer questions. And have a general chat with other local, Trout Trackers.

I put together JAX TROUT TRACKERS for YOU. Of course I'm on it, but it's for you my blog readers, clients, friends and those people I didn't even know were blog readers till we bumped into eachother at the Sisters Creek and Mayport boat ramps, one day. "Ya'll know who you are." And if you like catching Trout and chasing those GATORS. It's for you.

Redfish have been done to death, catching a big ole Red in the river here, isn't all that difficult. But trackin' down those Giant Gator Trout..."now that's something that's easily a life long endeavour."  (took me over 20 years to catch my 1st, 10 pounder...)

I'm refering to each "member" as a, Team Member. Because you never know what may come out of all of this. You could simply meet new people. Networking is a powerful tool!

Secondly, I added a blog article that was written by a customer of mine who also has a Google Blog, just like this one. And his name is Dave, too. There's a link to his blog article he wrote with some really nice photos about the day he and two of his friends went with me. A stereo-typical late fall day, for me. A summer vacation for him. The article is kinda cool (pun) because it's about our day, through his eyes.  That's why I want you to read it.

Check out these two new items. Because nothing around here stays the same long. I'm always changing things up, shaking things up, and moving things around, per the seasons.

And, I appreciate each and every one of you coming by for a visit. There's lots to read out there on the world wide web, today. From hype to scientific fact, when it comes to fishing. But my approach is simple. Tell it the way I see it, and if you fish don't have to tell the perverbial "fish stories", because each day is a story on it's own.

But one thing is true, in 37 days it'll be the "First Day of Spring". And even though some varmit didn't see his shadow, here in Florida I'm not sure we go by all that "woodchuck" superstition, anyways.

Warmer, nicer days are coming. And I'm right there with ya, chomping at the bit waiting on it!

Think MARCH, and think about booking your trip early.
There is many reasons for doing so. To have me thinking about your day for a good while, is one of the benefits. I love a good plan.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

2/6 - WIND?.....Grossly Wicked

There's two wind directions I really dispise in this area. And that's due West and due East. Kick that up to a sustained 20-25 knots. And ya have yourself one wickedly heinous day, on the water.

Had my usual and leisurely breakfast at the RiteSpot with Dad this morning at 7:00am. Where we discussed our possible trip to Louisiana at the end of the month. I've been trying to make it there for about two years now. So we're thinking after Mardi Gras, and before the end of the month. Just a scouting trip, not a fishing trip. I want to go there many more times, too. So this maybe just the start, if I get there the first time.  Because I'm wanting to make a move there. At least seasonally, if nothing else. I have many contacts there. And everyone says, "C'mon on over Dave and see us."  But realistically, I can only do that during the dead-ness of February.

They catch truck loads of Trout there, all summer long. WITHOUT HAVING TO JUMP THROUGH HOOPS. Like I have too here. In the heat of the summer. Here, it's Oranges. And There it's Apples. There is no comparisons.

So after my breakfast with pops. I headed home. The gusts were bending the tops of the 70 foot tall Oak trees in my neighborhood. So I figured today was a real wash, as forecasted. A good time to check routes, and places we'd be heading too, via Google Maps.

Then the phone rang......

It was Jason S. and he wanted to take his young son Jase out for a little fishing. Jase was 7 years old. I told him "sure, but it's gonna be windy!"  Jason wanted to just try 3 hours, and a noon departure. I knew it was gusting bad. But until I got to the Mayport boat ramp. I didn't really know how bad. I told Jason, I wasn't doing anything on Sunday, if he wanted to try then, instead. But Sunday was out. So I backed the boat down the ramp, they hopped aboard and we headed down river. The ferry boat was still making its runs across the river so.....That reminded me of a motto I used to tell my buddy Capt Randall on days he said it was too windy to be out. "If the ferry stops crossing the river, I guess it's too windy for me to be out there fishing with customers."   It's not like you can give up any trips in this town, these days. Because of a little gale force gusting winds, huh? This is a new day and age we live in.

I tried to get a photo of the river here, as we came towards the "cauldron of hell" where the river and ICW cross. The spray was flyin' and the river was a 2' washboard, as I headed into it.

HIDING, was the name of the game no doubt about it! But where? The tide was attempting to rise against the 25 kt sustained west wind. This wasn't a "touring" trip. Jason said it had to be catch a fish trip.
No pressure there, huh?

First, second, and third spots I tried, my anchor wouldn't even hold the boat! I have an anchor on back-order, since my last big Danforth was "pretzel'ized" at the north jetty. So I don't even have any thing on board that'll hold us in this kind of wind. So my forth attempt was, beach the boat. And toss the anchor up in the marsh grass. So I pulled the bow up on a shell bank that dropped off, so the stern was still floating, and I threw the grapnel anchor up in the grass.

No fancy fishing here. Cast out two live shrimp on egg sinkers, stick'em in the rod holders and wait! That's all we could do.

Time passes

Time passes

Time passes

Holy crap, not even a bait stealer touching a shrimp back in a creek on a shell bottom? And ya' know how fast a 7 year old gets bored if nothing is going on? .......about 10 minutes!

That's why I like taking kids in the fall when there's lots of Croakers around. Except, there wasn't many Croakers this year, that's for sure. There's wasn't much of anything this year. And there wasn't a fish anywhere around us, on this spot either. Which is par for the course......I don't know why I'm ever surprised.

So we moved on. And now that the tide was pouring in, so I hit a spot that's strictly been a fast current incoming tide spot. Plus, it was out of the wind, and I could tie off to a piling. So we could actually stay put, for a while.

First bait out and it hits the bottom.......FISH ON!

Jase reels in a fish that he thought was too big for him. A "pup" Black Drum. It was funny because Jason asked what we might catch here. And I said pup Black Drum and pup Redfish. And then the other rod went off......

And what was next? A pup Redfish.
We fished for a little while longer till the current slacked off on the spot and so did the bites. So we headed back to the boat ramp. Through the "cauldron of hell" and when we got back my two crew members were soaking wet. The spray of water from the blowing wind was hitting the windshield, soaking all the rods and reels and both of them, too.

I was very surprised to see a "mosquito fleet" of 17' flats boats running up and down the ICW today. I guess, because it was "Saturday", people just go fishing anyhow.

The forecast for Sunday is so much better......"maybe"

I may try some R&D on Monday myself.......because, "I CAN".

So, we made the day. But it was certainly a 3 hour challenge, for a 7 years olds fish.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

2/3 - Brrrrrrr......not for all of us

I got a call on Tuesday night from Lima, Peru. It was Kirk M. a long time customer who's a Navy officer stationed there. The call wasn't all that surprising, because Kirk calls me from time to time on "SKYPE", and we talk for an hour at least, each time.

Kirk said, "you open, so we can go out on Wednesday afternoon?"  I was a bit surprised. Because I knew he was coming to J-ville for work business, but his day wasn't booked till the 13th. He then explained how he was packing and heading to Florida early, and that he could be at the Mayport boat ramp, by noon on Wednesday.

Reminiscent of James Bond, Kirk is a savvy traveller. And he's not a guy to mess around, or "himm 'n haww" about a charter. When he says, "I'll be there." YOU can count on it.  It doesn't matter how cold it is. How windy it is. The water could have ICE on it, and he's ready to go! And he has a HUGE tolerance to COLD.
Being a "native son" of those super tough folk from the great white north of....North Dakota. Kirk never seems to be dressed the same, as I am.

He ran across the Mayport Boat Ramp parking lot, from dashing in with his rental car, to the dock where I had the Jettywolf tied off ready to go. And I was in Grunden wind stopper fleece pants, long sleeve T-shirt, heavy sweatshirt with a hood, and my Grundens Fisherman's Jacket. Plus, I had my hood up and over my "hat" wearin' head.

Kirk had a light jacket on. No hood, no hat. Just his lowered Navy ears out there in the wind. I said, "Dang Kirk, I have a hooded sweatshirt in my truck, ya want to wear it so ya have a hood?"  "Naaww.... I'll be fine, let's go."  He said.

What do I always say?  "A sweatshirt is just a sweatshirt, but one with a HOOD is a friend!"

It was max high tide. The wind was blowing from the N.N.E.  I had one game plan. Fish the creeks.....or at least what I call, creek fishing. So we started in Hannah Mills area. But good gawd the tide was so high with no sign of it falling any time soon. So we left out of there and went back to the Sisters Creek Bridge. The current was rippin' there. So we eased up into East Hannah Mills, I guess folks call it. There we found current and as the tide fell we caught some Trout. Small ones. But we at least got bit.

(this report contains LINKS to products I used. You may just want to check them out.)

Kirk worked a float-rig and live shrimp. I worked a popping cork, with my hot new float/cork lure under it.

I knew it was gonna be a tough afternoon. Being we had high water, N.E. winds, cold, and sun shine at all.  At least sun shine would have warmed our bones a bit and with it possibly sparked a decent bite of fish. But Kirk knows. He's a very experienced angler. He always says to me, "Dave I'm your easiest charter. No stress here."

So we just hopped from point to point up in the creeks. Finding areas where there was current running down the bank. Catching a few here and there. But I brought some ice. That meant a Sheepshead, Drum, or Redfish.....more like a little Redfish, is what I wanted to put in the box. (since Specks are closed now)

We always have a great time together, that's for sure. When I started in this business 14 years ago, Kirk is the kind of customer I always wanted to have aboard. Laughing and cutting up and yelling at the fish in the water, or bait stealers we couldn't even see. We just had plain "cold weather fishin" fun.

I was very surprised how well I did casting my "home made popping cork-clicker rig", with my hot lil' lure. If a Trout see's it, the fish is gonna eat it. Because every bite bite I had caught a Trout. There's no half hearted take down's of my cork. It's Pop-pop, fish on!! And I like that. In shallow water, 3-6 feet it's like fishing a lure, without all the casting. Because I still let it drift along with the current, and no re-baiting, and no pinner (pinfish) bites Interesting......huh? I also tossed a 3/8ths oz jig and a Bass Assassin "chicken on a chain" Sea Shad.

We worked our way out of the Sisters creek area and to the lil' Jetties. Fished around there, but the tide was still too high. Then, we ended up back into shallow water.......really shallow water! (for me, at least) We picked up a few more Trout and Kirk caught a nice one, that would have been in the box if we were able to keep Specks.

Does Kirk look cold? Well if the camera was turned around pointing at me you would have seen "hat plus hood, Dave". But as the day got closer to sun down, the wind faded off nicely to a mere puff. We fished awhile longer and moved about the area. Picked up another small Speck.

And even though Kirk and I have caught on a windy winter day as many as 16 Redfish from 16-28 inches on this exact same spot, back on Dec.23rd 2007 . Just goes to show ya how things change. Especially on a year when the water temp took such a dive, south. But heck, we caught fish. And as you can see in these photos it wasn't a Florida sunshine kinda day.

But, dang we had a good time. And no matter what, that's what it's all about. Especially, when your customer flies all the way from Lima, Peru to go fishing with you. (not really, but almost)

Saturday: 15-20 knots out of the Northwest

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY10 KNOTS OUT OF THE NORTHWEST.  It's gonna be way more fishable Sunday.....withless people around?



Departure 8-8:30am

Jacksonville fishing - click for info.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2/2 - Same crap, just another State...a state with more Reds!!

Greedy...even though they have more Reds and easy angler limits, I still read stuff like this.

Oh, how I could run them dudes through Cappy Dave's Fishing Boot Camp! 

Three cited for Redfish violations.

From News Reports (La. Sportsman Magazine)

January 26, 2010

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries agents cited three Baton Rouge men for allegedly taking over the limit and undersized red drum and angling without the proper licenses in Lafourche Parish on Jan. 12.

Thomas Marrero, 58, Louis Baker, 25, and Ron Carter, 34, were cited after agents found them in possession of 92 red drum while fishing near Highway 1 between Fourchon and Grand Isle.

(when is the last time you caught 92 Redfish here?)

All three subjects were also cited for angling without a basic fishing license and angling without a saltwater fishing license.

Out of the 92 fish, 72 were found to be under the legal size limit of 16 inches. All of the fish were seized and later donated to charity.

(16 INCHES?????????)

The penalty for the take or possession of undersized red drum is a fine up to $350 or jail time up to 60 days or both plus court costs. The take or possession of over the limit of red drum is punishable by a fine up to $350 or jail time up to 60 days or both plus court costs. The penalty for angling without a license includes a $50 fine or jail time up to 15 days or both.

($50 with out a License? Wow, that's cheap)

All three subjects also were issued civil restitution citations for the value of the illegally taken red drum and if found guilty could pay up to $1918.61 jointly.


4 - 2 of 4 Comment(s)

4 - What Morons!

What is it over there? Reds a piece?  (answer: Redfish regs for State of La. - 16 inches -5 per person per day. No upper size limit at all!)

Goes to show ya how moronic and greedy people are at heart.

Here in Fla. it's one!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Of course we get alot of Morons here that keep more and get caught.

But C'mon. Another case of Louisianan's not appreciating what they have.

Come on over to Florida...'yeah I thought so'.

Throw them in jail, and a fine. $1981 jointly?

That's chump change. Pay with TIME.

posted by JettywolfReport Abuse February 02, 2010 at 03:56:10 PM
3 much too easy

I mean heck, I would pay 500 for a good fishing trip like that, really no incentive not to do it again. you know if the risk doesnt outweigh the benefit then the act is likely to be repeated. this penalty is really a joke

posted by FF_T_WarrenReport Abuse January 26, 2010 at 09:12:29 PM
2 BS

They should all serve jail time and be unable to obtain hunting or fishing license for at least 10 years or maybe even a lifetime ban. Make them all serve the max(135 days) time in jail and have them do community service in orange jump suits when the big Grand Isle tournaments are going on

posted by LanceReport Abuse January 26, 2010 at 06:20:32 PM