Saturday, March 20, 2010


Had Keith R. and two co-workers aboard today. Of course the forecast was for gorgeous weather. And light winds. The boat ramp parking lot has not seen this amount of traffic since last fall. I being the boy scout I am, picked up 9 dozen live shrimp and a basket of ice for the coolers last night. There's was no way I was going to the bait shop at 7am this morning. For a 8am departure time.

First spot, as I was showing the guys the how-to's of float-rigging. I of course get bit 20 feet off the back of the boat.......I.G. - "instantaneous gratification." Yep, again on the same spot, in the last two trips. A nice 18 inch Speckled Trout.

Then, for some reason it took way too long for another fish to be caught. Large concentration of stacked up fish that are 18-20 inches? Still hard to find within the confines of  a quick boat ride.  But it didn't seem that way last Tuesday.

The guys eventually picked off two more Trout. And that's where it ended. I had no idea of the sight I would see as we pulled anchor and headed eastward.

The Jetties looked like a parking lot. And of course all the places I'd normally fish had at least two boats on them a piece. We butted in on the south jetty but the tide was super weak. The "popping cork drifters" in 25 feet of water were out there. And I saw no one catching or doing a thing, near us. Because of no current.

I tried to get in another spot, but couldn't. It was if the spacing of boats was predetermined. So I pulled up and we kept looking. One thing I'm not good with is people in other boats. I can't fish that way. Maybe it's the float-rigger in me. I need wiggle room....and 100 feet behind my boat wide open. It's heridity. My grandpa was the same way and he was just a surf caster. If he walked on the beach and could see another human. He wouldn't fish there. Back to the station wagon, and off to some where else.

I wish he could have been on the boat with me today. Because if he acted like that back in 1953. I can't imagine what he'd say about today's river.

I looked at two more areas and said hell with this. We stopped in one spot and the guys caught a few dink yellowmouths, with one keeper. Hit another spot afterwards with no bites. Then moved back to where we caught the Trout in the morning. Thinking it maybe a bit less traveled. Oh it was travelled.....

We fished and fished and got one more Trout that was 19 inches caught by Keith. And then soon after the flood gates opened and here came boat after boat.  Every 10 minutes someone drove by us.

I had fun with the guys and enjoyed having Keith on board again. Last year, when he fished aboard the Jettywolf, it was with a much better bite. Less looking around, and more variety of species.

I didn't bother trying to do any bottom fishing. Just stayed on the float-rig all day.

Next up is Monday:

Hmmmmm....... MONDAY

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