Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3/22 - "what can ya do?"

Had Tim S. and his son Mitchell aboard Monday. Tim was gonna fish with me last year. But the weather did not preclude that. So, we tried it again, today.

The weather forecast wasn't all that aweful, on Sunday. But then again, the weather guessers weren't fishing the St. Johns.

At 8am the boat ramp was vacant. I LIKED THAT!  And that's what Tim had planned for. Monday mornings.... "There just isn't any day of the week that's as wonderful, in this town."

The river was slick calm, the skies were dark, with complete cloud cover and it was cold as all hell!!!!!!!!!!!
(comparatively speaking to the first day of spring on Saturday)

Tim And Mitchell may have needed a few more "layers" on. But were ready for a full day of fishing none the less. I was of course, back into full fleece fishing attire. I believe, I'll log in the date when I can put it all up for good, IE: the Grudens wind stopper fleece pants and jacket(s) for this year, so I can do comparisons next year.

Because, the first spot we went too, went without a single Trout/Redfish bite, I let "slide". Maybe it was just the weak tide? But after fishing no less than 5 more spots, with hardly a bite. Something beyond my control was going on, and it wasn't a good thing.

With three passengers aboard I usually do not fish, or even try too. I'm too busy helping. But when I have two passengers aboard, "I'm your ringer."  And every so often, I'll pick up a rod and make some drifts. Just to survey what's going on. And usually when on the first spot of the day while showing everyone what to do, I'll hook-up. Not today.

No matter what I did, or where we went. We just couldn't get bit. Eventually, we did have three 14 inch Specks, and one 14" yellowmouth Trout. And of course no matter what kind of day it is, the bait-snatching Pinfish are chewing.

I even marked 59.9 degree balmy water temps.

At the jetties, we tried a spot I've been wanting to fish on the incoming high tide. It was a bit sloppy, with a swell coming in from the S.E. But no big deal. And not one take down of the float. Then, for a few minutes we tried bottom fishing on the incoming tide. And had "cold water" Sharks and that was it. I told Tim and Mitchell, that those lil' toothless sharks are a HERE'S YER SIGN, fish. If they're chewin. It's usually not a good thing. I just know that, from experience.

Mitchell was feeling a bit queezy, out on the big water. So we ran all the way back to the ICW.  Because by now the wind was HOWLING. Yep, here's the 15-20 knot SW winds that was predicted!

My dad, who's not a fisherman. But has fished a decent amount as a kid and with me over the years, has a saying everytime we're out. "If you're not catching, how am I supposed too?"

Pop is analytical kinda guy. And he's right. I know the spots, I know what to look for, I'm the experienced one. And today, I couldn't get bit, either.

That's why I like smaller group charters. Because I get the chance to make a few passes through an area. Because if I catch'em, I know they are there.

The skies stayed dark. We could see passing lines of clouds. And I even got a call from a buddy in Texas, who always tells me what weather's heading our way. Because they get it first. And he had snow yesterday north of Dallas. And we did feel a few rain drops.

By the time I got home, I had the mother of all headaches. A sinus headache? Or a "frustration in Jacksonville headache?" And the sun was finally peaking out, too.

But what can ya do?

I like Tim and Mitchell. And since today was cold, windy and fish-less. I told Tim, I want him to call me this summer when it's hot as all hell, a direct opposite day. And I want to take Mitchell out for some running and gunning shrimp boat style. And get the boy on a hundred pound Blacktip shark. I want him to experience the direct opposite of today's bazarro world on the St. Johns river. Where inconsistancy rules.

Let's hope we have, hot as hell, and sharks behind the shrimp boats in the chum hole this summer. I've seen years when that's alot to ask for too.

As I sit here doing this report I'm being blinded by the bright sun, with cloudless sky coming in my office window. A bit breezy, but don't think this weather would have given me the headache of the century. But rather SUN BURN.

I'll take sunburn, anyday!

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