Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3/24 - W-O-W - D-A-Y!

Now today, is a beautiful day! Light winds, warm, and sunny......And in the middle of the week!  Why can't I ever get someone who wants to fish on a day like today? (I say that every year)

That's why you'll see on my home page: a note at the bottom "learn how to fish multiple days for $500."

This is for the local self-made man or woman, or the retired individual. The weekend worker who has weekdays off. Who can benefit by booking multiple days. Weekdays!

A floating schedule is best. So we can fish days like today, this spring.

Guess I'll head out myself.....I need to add some fish to the fridge.


I went and NO fish for the fridge either. Spent 99% of my time at the jetties. There was no incoming tide push at all. Worked hard to see if the trout are out there yet.......ZIP.

That's what bothers me most about fishing these days on a very personal level. Catching fish, and having no dinner afterwards!

Lost a Red and caught a Red on the float rig at the N. Jetty.

Both were too big of course....damn when are they gonna change THAT???????????? Then pitched on the bottom and wasted time and caught 8 Whiting too small to keep really, and came home. How the first Red came unbuttoned at the side of the boat I don't know. But I guess it was barely hooked. I almost never loose a fish once hooked when fishing the ole float-rig.

Water temp was 60-62 on the last of the falling tide. But back to a solid 58 on the incoming tide. Saw pogies flippin on the surface at high tide. Then marked them coming down the jetties on the bottom, later.

There's big bull Reds on the beach now, out in the 30-35 foot mark according to my Whiting fisherman sources. That's the usual deal. Coming back from after the harsh winter from the offshore wintering grounds, these big bull Reds usually show on the beach hard bottom areas first and near the bait, if any. By April, if the pogie pods are out there, they be in and around the pods of bait right behind the surf. And filtering into the river.

Ye Ole Days, Big Red Technique:
-Troll King Mackerel #3.5 Drone spoons on heavy trolling sinkers just up off the bottom along the beach and around the outsides of the jetties on a flood tide, when ya see scattered pogies around. The spoons just off the bottom mimic a wounded baitfish IE: Pogie fluttering along. Don't go fast. big Reds are lazy feeders.
-Told to me by a guy who's now 94 years old. Mr. John Beckman...aka: "Ole Beckman".  He said, "back in the day that's all ya had to do when the big Reds were out wondering the sand.

By April and May it's the second round of BIG Reds in the river and at the jetties. Usually coincides with the crappy lil' Bluefish also arriving. But that means FREE BAIT! Catch the Blues and chop them basterds in half and send them down to the bottom. Brutus T. Redbass will eat them up. Kinda like bait on demand, because the lil blue basterds will be everywhere you want to catch a Trout, by April/May usually.

With each full moon, things happen this time of year. And all without YOU even realizing it. Flooding tides up to 5 plus feet magically wash species inshore. Along with changing currents in the Atlantic. This is what changes our local water temp quickly, once it gets going. Not just a sunny day here and there.

Think on the broad scale. OCEAN-CURRENTS-LENGTH OF DAYS. I know it's hard, when we live in our little bubble. But the marine ecology is way too vast for us to figure it all out.

Except. Unless you're a researcher working for the Atlantic Marine Fisheries and you've come to the conclusion N.E. Florida has no substainable Red Snapper, and Yellowmouth Trout are so overly harvested by weekenders.

Yeah right.....I look at it as. You can research your ass off all you want. But you can't be sure of anything out there. Has anyone ever thought that cities crowded with people who don't even fish, cars, ships, power plants and the rest may have something to do with why a fish species is dwindling?? It's called water quality.

But it's easier to blame fisherman, about fish populations. And take away your right to fish.

I'm not a gun fanatic. But sort of understand as I get older now, why the NRA is such a big deal too so many. "The right to bear arms." Yeah I get's in the constutution. But fishing doesn't kill innocent people. I believe, we should have "the right to fish and feed ourselves, healthier food."

Damn, I love a fresh crispy fried Speckled Trout.....or a big piece of broiled Red Snapper!

Additional Entertainment value:

Day dreaming from back when I was a surf fishing nut. But was catching Whiting 99% of the time.......

-Nick from Breakawaytackle USA (long distance casting tackle) had this article on his web site. And since I'm totally amazed by all Gulf of Mexico fishing....yep, that Gulf is a inshore fisherman's dream. Can ya just imagine doing this with your surf fishing rod off our jetties, here?
Check it out:

And just more FYI from the Gulf sands:

-We want to celebrate the amazing casting that Will Nash and Carlos Osuna achieved using Breakaway rods at the Shore Fishing & Casting Club (SFCCI) 
-March 12th 2010 event. Will Nash cast the longest cast ever in the USA with a cast of 858.12 feet! Carlos Osuna came in second with 806 feet! These are amazing distances and we are very proud to have them on our Breakaway Pro Team.

-and I thought I was doing something at 400 feet after years of video tape watching and practicing.

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