Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4/14 - Long awaited "LIGHTS".

Well, since the winds howling 20 knots, and no one calls to fish on weekdays anymore (afraid to loose their jobs, I guess) I had a few days to install my new LED lights for night fishing/ tieing knots/ getting out tangles/ birdnests, pinning on a shrimp correctly and such. Drawing only one Amp each, LED's are the new fangled lights for boaters. Next up comes one of those slick underwater lights that goes on the transom (?). I also have and always carry a flourescent tube light, and a car head light "rubberized" spot light. So my night trips this summer means we shouldn't have any lack of light, if we need it.

With too many LED's to choose from on their web site I ended up emailing Larsen electronics in Texas and said "HELP, ya'll have too many choices!"

The ones I installed are their line of extreme enviroment lights. And they sure are heavy duty. In a soft light, flood pattern. I'd really like to offer this summer when it's hot as all hell in the afternoon. A depart before sun-up and fish till noon'ish. Then, a depart at 8pm or so and fish till mid-night'ish trip. Totally staying away from the heat and all that weekend river traffic.

Here's some install photos, and one that looks like I saw a ghost. It was just dad, the camera man.

Next up:  Saturday & Sunday a crew of 3 each day....."hope this wind lays down as forecasted.".

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