Monday, May 17, 2010

5/ 16 - Mid-May:

BIG WIND with East in the direction, had put a damper on my last fishing trip. It was one of those days that no matter what I did, and where I went, Mother Nature seemed to be against us. Throw in a bit of seasickness rolling swells and ya have a tough day.  So, on Sunday, I was relieved to have a nice "cruise charter" with 5 folks. A few from England, a few from Melbourne Fla. and one from Jax. Any time I don't have to fish on a busy weekend, during the middle of the day, I'm liking it.

Plans were to head out the jetties, run up the ocean and into Nassau Sound. Round the sound, go down the ICW to Ft. George, then south in Sisters Creek to the St. Johns, head west, round Blount Island to the Dames Point, and back to Mayport. But the wind was up a bit from the S.E. again, and it was low tide in the morning. So I figured running in Nassau Sound at low water may not be the best idea. So I had to change our route.

Angler's wanted: For a near-coastal, and offshore trolling trips. I'm looking forward to catching some Kings, and even Cuda's. And maybe even a Cobia. It's time to move away from the river on weekends. I'm all rigged up. I believe between my bag of spoons, a box of cigar minnows, a livewell with pogies or greenies. From the South East hole to the near-shore reefs, we'll  be able to have some fun away from the crowds.

It's also getting hot enough, to do some 6pm-midnight fishing on weekends. When everyone else has gone home. It's cooler and the river is ours.

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