Sunday, July 18, 2010

7/17 - Saturday w/ Grandpa, Finn & Elijah

Had Charlie H. and his two grandsons Finn & Elijah aboard the Jettywolf. Last year they fished the river with me.  I believe it was in the spring time. Because we had loads of Jacks, Ladies, Mangroves, and Trout float-rigging along snag-alley. So far, since summer, the float-rig fishing has not been worth it. So today I knew would be different, since it was the height of summer and the forecast was for a breeze to be blowing out of the SE. We took off at 8am, and headed for the big rock, lil' rock area. Just wanted to experiment and see what was going on with the last of the falling tide, with just some dead shrimp on the bottom.

Well, for some reason the anchor wouldn't hold, and we couldn't scrounge up a single bite. Good ole summer time.........

So we made a move up to the lil' Jetties. The tide velocity was perfection......Not hauling butt. Just enough current to fish light rods with a light weight. Charlie and I cast the lines, and would hook the fish for the boys.
But Elijah was not feeling so well, after the first bite which was a small Croaker. So it turned out Finn, his older brother was our "reel'em in guy", the rest of the day. Between cut mullet and plain ole dead shrimp, the action was on a slow start. But picked up a bit as we sat there.

The best bit of the morning was one that ate a Mullet chunk out in 30 feet of water. Obviously, a big Redbass. Because when I set the hook the fish shook its head and peeled drag. But the leader broke right at the hook. Not good! But Finn did pull in a few from Pinfish to a baby shark, yellowmouth Trout, Spadefish and Black "pup" Drum.


Moving around a lot, due to tide changes and hunting light weight current spots we didn't have any other bigger fish hook-ups, except having a Ladyfish or two sntach on the bait. I was hoping to get into the Jacks and those big Bluefish like yesterday. But it never materialized.

It certainly was H-O-T out there. and the breeze started pumping, by the afternoon. It was good to see Charlie and the boys again. And hopefully the next time out Elijah will be feeling better. He was a tropper though. Never complain once.  Just sat on the livewell, and rested.

Weekend's......I believe I have to start making that all trips on a Saturday and Sunday from now till when weekends aren't so busy, a must depart at 7am sharp.

Reason is;  parking at the boat ramp and getting into the bait shop. I have to get into the bait shop early, or it is a super hassle after 7am. Too many people, not enough space in the bait shop parking lot for me to swing in from the opposit direction. Then, once at the boat ramp, I'd like to not have to park accross the street, as so many "late comer's" must do on weekends. It's okay for them with family or friends. But I'm a solo act. 

So leaving late, that means I have to still be there hours before you if I want the morning to go smoothly. I may only live 5 minutes from the boat ramp and bait shop, and I'll always be there at the dock 30 minutes  before you arrive anyhow, to take care of anything I need too, still.

In this heat, I don't care for a 4 - 6 hr. fishing day turning into a 10 hr. day,  from start to finish. Because your fishing day begins way before you get on the boat and finishes way after you've departed anyway you look at it. Especially when I'm booked, day after day.

Most fishing guides on weekends are gone, and I'm still sitting at the dock on weekends. Because they leave promptly at 7am. It's all about the heat, and the population on weekends. Monday through Thursday's, are completely different. Some guides charge a "weekend rate". I've done all I can, not to do that. Except for late notice bookings on weekends.

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