Wednesday, July 21, 2010

7/19 - Sharks Galore.....slow river fishing

Had Brent A. and his two sons aboard the Jettywolf on Monday. Plans were for a bit of running & gunning behind the shrimp boats, then head into the river and catch a big "RB" - Redbass.

The sharkin was mighty successful and everyone had a ball pulling on a few sharpnose and the targeted species, big, bad, Blacktips. The ultimate goal? Get one that dumps the spool on my twin drag Accurate reels and see it jump.

The action was I.G. - instantaneous gratification. And is high intencity fishing. I call it, "sweatin' hard by 8am."

Afterwards plans were to run into the river after getting some live Pogies and find us anothewr heavy weight, a big Redbass. But the wind came up, and even though we had Bluefish bites and a possible Redfish break off that was it.

What I want to know is where the hell did all these Bluefish come from??
The end of the jetties is full of them. And jigging live bait is about futile because of the 8 inch Blues everywhere. I know this is Bazzarro World. But it isn't BOSTON!!

7/20 - 1/2 day for the Juniors, during the Jr. Angler day of the Greater Jax Kingfish Tournament.

Who are the idiots who thought we needed Cops at the boat ramp this morning telling us where to park???
Reservist Cops I hope. Like everyone at the Mayport boat ramp needs to know where to park.....DOH!
It's not everyone's first RODEO.

So after getting in the water I made plans to pick up my crew Derrick J. , Kim and two young boys from Louisiana over at the Sand Dollar restaurant across the river. They came down from Amelia Island. So I always use the Sisters Creek Boat ramp as my northisde pick up point. But not this week.

We made our way to the jetties creeping along inside the south, not to be harrassed by the endless stream of Law Enforecent boats. By the time we got to the end of the south rocks, with hundreds of boats taking off, a Navy Ship leaving out with a SeaTractor Tug Boat the inlet was a soup sandwich, with folding 6++ footers back to back, along with the seas swell from the high SE winds the night before.

We were gonna go and let Derrick catch a Shark or two first. But I didn't see a Shrimp boat in sight. I even broke out the binoculars, and it was so hazy and hot already I couldn't see but maybe a mile.

So those plans went out the window.

The wind was blowing from the SE on a falling tide in the river. And I needed a butt load of action to keep these two boys busy, that's for sure. But the action wasn't all that hot. They caught some small Croakers,  Pinfish, Spots and a baby Shark. Dad had fished in Cocodrie, Louisiana before and thought in the summer that we'd be out slaying the Reds and Trout, with 7 year olds. I quickly was reminded before the oil, why I wanted to be a Gulf Coaster too when he told me about his last trip there. But had to break it to him easy, that the fishing in the St. Johns River in July with two 6 year olds wasn't gonna be like that over there, in La.

We tried fishing deep for a really Big Red, but the boys didn't have the patience for that.  

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