Friday, July 2, 2010

7/2 - Boys day out.

Had Greg T. and his two sons, brother-in-law Bruce and his son.....same crew as last year. And the son's ages are from 6-8 years old. I always try to keep the boys as busy as I can. So after I picked them up at the Sisters Creek boat ramp we headed not far away to toss out some shrimp and start catching some fish.

We weren't on the spot but minutes and the boys started reeling fish in. From giant Pinfish to a Spadefish, a pup Black Drum and alot more Pinfish. (looks as if the Pinners have taken over where the Mangrove Snappers would be if it wasn't for this past winter's cold taking care of the river's plague of mini-mangroves, along every rocks, bump and dock piling in the St. Johns river.) 

The tide started to slack and the boat started to swing around on anchor. So I made a pitch to a spot where I always pull a Redfish out of, with a light rod, small hook and a piece of dead shrimp. I felt bump, bump, and handed the rod to Bruce. This was an adult size fish! But Bruce and his son shared the reel in of a very nice light tackle catch of a 30 inch Redfish.

My Verizon phone camera didn't do so good with this picture today. I can't wait to get my replacement digital camera, replacement number 2 in two years. SeaLife dive your time and buy a Olympia "TOUGH" digital water proof, instead. (  I wish I did. I would have taken more photos, but I was a bit busy with the boys and fish today.

As the tide really started to pour, we swung around perfectly. Time for heavier lead, and heavier rods. And big Reds in strong current. So I busted out the dead Cigar Minnows I had on the boat yesterday and cut them in half, pinned them on some circle hooks. Just like yesterday, the first Red slammed the bait, I picked up the rod and yelled for one of the boys.......then the fish was gone. It came off the hook somehow. Big time current and deep water can be that way with these fish, sometimes.

Next up was Wes, the rod doubled again and he was reeling and pulling as drag smoked off the spool and the fish got him over the ledge behind the boat and cut the Mason hard type nylon 30# leader.

Waiting on more big fish wasn't the three boy's forte, so as the anchor slipped I drug it up and we made a move. The next spot was pinfish and more pinfish. But the boys didn't care.....their favorite fish of the day probably wasn't the 30 inch Red, but rather the puffer Greg hooked up for them.


I had so many emails and phone calls for this weekend, but people have a hard time committing. But inquire all the same. I don't get that? The weather is gonna get windy as this front finally goes over us by Sunday.
So I made plans to head to Hilton Head, N.C. with the folks and visit my aunt and uncle.

But as I made my way back from Sisters Creek boat ramp after the charter, dad called and said his transmission was acting funny in his truck that we were taking. So now no trip to N.C. this weekend and no bookings either.

Next up, is Tuesday the 7th.......Steve W.  and his two boys.      

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