Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Had Daniel H. and his father-in law, and his brother-in law aboard today. We tried behind the shrimp boats, but zero was happening. The water temps took a good dip again. It was 77-78 degrees in the Ocean. But as we headed in after getting some Pogies on the beach, I actually ran through a pocket of 74-75 degrees between the jetties.

We headed into the river and upon arrival at the spot the current was smokin'. I had to use 10 ounces of lead to barely keep a Pogie on the bottom.

But as the tide slowed, it was GAME ON!

We had a few Double headers. Which is always nice and exciting. It gets numbers up quick!

We finished up on the big reds and then hit the bottom trying to find a few take home fish. And only found small Croakers & Spots. Then we were done at 1:00pm and man was it H-O-T!

I'm booked till Sunday and have many different crews coming. So I'll keep this short and sweet. I need to kick back and enjoy me some of this expensive A/C.....and a cold PBR.

So stay tuned........


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