Saturday, July 31, 2010

7/30 - Slow current...really hot.

Had Charlie S. and crew aboard which included his wife, and her nephews son Max from France, and Charlie's friend. No sooner did we get anchored up, and I had to struggle to stay on the game. I just wanted to go through my motions to see what was going on. But it sort of became people management. Max was reeling the lines in,  we had no current yet, and Charlie's wife thought it was time to just start reeling the fish in. We caught the heck out of Spots and some small Croakers the day before in the same area. But as I tried to maintain order. The dead shrimp wasn't even getting bit.

The tide was slowly coming in on the bottom, as the water still moved out on the top. No good. And I was looking to manage what was going on to the best of my abilities. We moved, and were positioned in a great spot, and every piece of shrimp was eaten off the hooks before I could get a third rod out.

I could see, this might be a long day......

So we went to the jetties. No sooner did we anchor up, and I tossed out two light rigs on the same light rods. Max gets a slam dunk, the rod bows over and the 14 year old who's English was a bit short starts reeling. The "whatever", runs up under the boat, toward the anchor line, I get the rod and try and stop it, and the hook straightens out. It was only a #4 Eagle Claw wide bend. Then, Max reels in a small Bonnet head Shark, and then a tiny Stingray. Time for heavier tackle. I toss out cut Cigar Minnows on a circle hook, and then we sat there, with out a bite.......Go Figure!

The tide was incoming along the south Jetty, the water was green, but really we had no current to speak of.
So we head back intro the river, and we finally have some tide pushing. It's getting late morning, the heat's pouring on. Some one is on the spot I fish already. "Move thy meat.....loose thy seat....",  I always say.  Especially on a Friday thru Sunday. Friday's in the summer are just an extension on the weekend.

So I drop back. No bites. And then I see the guys in the other boat are moving. So I drag up the anchor and get in prime position. Time is ticking away and it's getting Hotter and Hotter......

I get where I want to be. Toss out the baits. And it's just what I figured. Today the incoming tide on this spot is too late in the day. The earlier in the morning the better the bite is. But we wait it out.

We get a few hook-ups, some "ole swing and a miss" on the Red's side. How they run and get off a circle hook is any one's guess.

But we do boat two over sized Reds on cut bait. Certainly didn't want to waste time hunting Pogies with a 4 person trip today.....Don't think they could have handled the hunt for bait. Max, the boy, wasn't the most patient fisherman.

But the two we got were nice ones. The waiting in the heat was intense. All sun, no breeze what so ever. No cloud cover at all. And for me, it was my 4th day in a row under this sun. My stamina was being challenged also.

Back at it on Sunday and Tuesday. Tuesday is one of those rare solo charters......and he wants to "go casting". I guess that means, light tackle no deep water bottom fishing, toss in a float-rig, here and there??

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