Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1 - A day with Schley

Had Jon M. and his son Schley aboard today. This boy has fished aboard the Jettywolf before, and my ole For Reelin II, many moons ago. And he's only 9 yrs old. Full of personality,makes the day fun. And for a fishing guide that seems to have kids aboard his boat about every trip from June 1 to Sept. 1 each year. Schley, is a fun 9 year old.

Plans were, to just go catch him some fish. And then, as the tide let us, get him a giant whopper Redbass. Because kids his age with big Reds and the photos afterwards makes it really worth it in my book.

So Jon and I helped Schley out with the bites, just using the light rods and some shrimp. First spot was kinda dead, just like two days ago. Except for a small summer Sheepshead.

 Although we had a really nice falling tide. We made a move up river, to a spot that has produced hot weather Black Drum and a few Reds on just Shrimp. We anchored over a submerged oyster bed, and pitched baits down current of it. 

It was the best spot of our 6 hr day. We couldn't keep three lines going we stayed so busy. And Schley reeled in a bunch of fish.....but out of several Black Drum, many were small.

 I remember last year on this same spot on July 2nd it was 4-6 pound Drum, here.  But Schley did get one keeper.
And he thought this one fought.....But I had plans on a big Red for him still.

He caught Croakers, Spots, Seabass, Toadfish, Sea Perch, Skates, but no Redfish, while we fished the light tackle and shrimp. So we saved the smallest Croakers for live bait for big Redbass. And took a few hours and fished the heavier tackle in the swift current to see if we could get a really big fish for him. Even though he was sceptical about being able to reel one in. He liked the fast fish after fish action, I think. 

As the tide changed and started to rise. The bite really fell off, and the boat traffic (weekends...) really came alive.
It was hot, but Schley is a trooper and hung in there for us. I saved a few of his fish and he went back to where they were staying with a handful of fillets.


Tuesday, a solo angler. And we're gonna do light tackle fishing all day, and see what happens. Gonna give the deep water bottom fishing a rest for a day. 

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