Friday, August 20, 2010

-Another ALLOY educational post, from the big metal boat guy

This is boat is an AMF built boat from New Zealand. As I feel with many of the boats built by AMF, I'm in AWE!!!!!  So consider this yet another educational post here on JacksonvilleFishingReports.blogspot. Because American's just don't get it. If they did, you'd see alloy boat builders here in Florida.

For some reason there's allot of builders in Louisiana, because of the need for heavy duty work boats. That's the reason. But in La. those some ideals have transfered into the fishing world too. With such builders as Gaudet's, Scully's, Hankos, and many, many more.

Check out the LINES on this boat. If shiney alloy doesn't make your heart beat a little faster, then you just don't get it. But for someone like me. My heart skips a beat when I see lines in alloy like this. Because behind it is a life time boat, that's tough, tough, tough. And unique along with total customer customization availible. Without having to make boat parts boat twice, as in making molds. Then, building the actual boat, out of fiberglass.   

New Zealand is a place that is on my bucket list. I don't see it happening. But before I go, scattered accross the sea. I'd love to spend a lot of time, there. Not just a week on a vacation.

Here ya go:

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