Tuesday, August 24, 2010

8/24 - Nice photo

Here's a nice running photo of myself and the Roush crew taken by my buddy Val B. He's a photographer and took several shots of us running in from the jetties this morning, while passing the Mayport Boat Ramp. He's usually down there taking photos of our bird buddies.

I guess I'll chase the Nassau Sound reports. And plain just give up on the river for now. I hear there's at least Jacks and Ladies up there. While even Jacks in the river are a hard find.

Redbass and Trout are a far cry from having to Whiting fish at Nassau. Not part of my usual repertoire. But, toss in a few Pompano, Bonnetheads, Bluefish and the like and I guess we could make a good day up there......But it's, 18 miles one way from the dock!! 

Today it was a bit sloppy at the Jetties, but we tried it anyhow. Using live Pinfish and Pilchards for bait on the bottom and free-lined behind the boat in hopes of one of the many many small "crowd pleaser sized" Tarpon rolling atop the end of the jetties to come by and eat my offering.

Gotta love the Alloy....Silver is where it's at for me. And always will be.

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