Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Just got back from going to Ohio. 1890 miles in two days. Flying down the highway as fast as we could. Towing a motor cycle trailer to some small town up there, to get myself a spare 225 Honda. Whewwww, was that a ride from hell and back! Going North was 90% rain the whole way. And going through the mountains into the clouds at 2083 feet above sea level (per the GPS), was not a fun ride. At times the rain was so bad that if we had rain like that in J-ville Florida, we would  be swimming!!!!

Had to get a spare outboard, though. It's always the plague of any commercial type fisherman's life, when the motor is down, for whatever reason. And I sit, loosing income based on someone elses time schedule (mechanics!). So now, I will have a spare in the garage, and will hopefully just swap out one for another and be on my way in a day or so.

It was so nice and COOL in Ohio.

So I fished with Mike and Phil on Sunday and then got up at 4am and was heading down the road for Ohio with my dad, on Monday at 5:30am. (no rest for the weary.)

Sunday was a lot of fishing....I mean a lot of fishing. For slim catchin'. Compared to the two trips prior, I made last week.

I stayed with the same theme. Bottom fish,  for whatever while putting a live Croaker out the stern on a leash and a circle hook. Between Mike, Phil, and I we went through two pounds of giant shrimp, and lots of cut bait, and many live Croakers. For a small box of  "stringer fish". It was a good time. And I have to say, Mike and Phil are my kind of guys. They hung with me, as I'd drop anchor for just a "let's see" and if not much was happening we'd make a move. From Sharks to Pigfish, they caught whatever bit.

I know the flooding tide wasn't the best scenerio for what we were doing. But that's what we had.

We caught one big Redbass at 27 pounds on a live Croaker and had another monster fish hooked up on "TOO LIGHT OF TACKLE".  We anchored on so many spots it was as if it was a river road rally. Where covering 20 spots in 8 hrs was the challenge. I was so wore out by the end of the day.....and had the 15 hour drive ahead of me, Monday morning. At least it was really COOL as we went north. Ohio was a max. of 70 by the afternoon. And a chilly low or 50 when we arrived.

Before we even dropped a line over board on Sunday we ran straight into rain on the river. That produced a set of double rainbows.

The best action of the day was along the little Jetties. The Croakers were so thick that it was a bite on every single drop to the bottom. But we failed to get a big Redbass on any live Croaks out on the heavier rods down deep behind the boat.

But if Mike and Phil wanted FISHING.....we fished hard!  Eight full hours. Boxing a handful of river Whiting, lots of Croakers, a few Sand Trout, and one big "RB".

Here's Mike with a fish WAY TOO Large for the light rod it was hooked up too.

Next up: is Thursday afternoon with 4 people. Then, Saturday's Underground Utilities Contractrors Assoc. fun tournament with 3 people, while the inaugural Mayport Full of Bull Redfish tournament is going on also. And the weather looks a bit challenging, at this time.

In between, I'll be checking out my new spare 225 Honda. Yeah, I have a full plate!!

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