Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oct. 3 - Lot's of the wind.

Been really busy. Have had groups up to 4 passengers in 20 kt winds to a dad and his daughter, which was fun. Even attempted to fish a "fun tournament", put on by the Underground Utilities Contractors Assoc. with a dad and his two boys, during a Nor-easter with 20-25 knot winds. Not as much f-u-n....

Here's the five of us, on Sept 30th running back from up river around 7pm. (gotta love the...JETTYWOLF)

The day before on Friday the 1st of Oct. was obviously the calm before the storm. It was cool (for J-ville standards) and BEAUTIFUL weather. Then, on Saturday Oct. 2nd is when it was even cooler, and so much wind that "real" fishing was almost futile.

But each day we caught fish, and that's what counts...... right?? 

We may not have scored big time in the winds during the tournament, or had the biggest and baddest Redbass of all time. Dealing with the tides and weather gets to be just second nature. And as long as we had fun aboard the Jettywolf.....that's what I'm here for!

Here's a 27 pound Redbass that was caught during a late day 4 passenger trip, along with Speckled Trout, Sand Trout & Whiting. The big Red was a great fish. But it had it's own problems.....(????)

What's dat on yer' head??

Then, there was some Jacks, Flounder, Ladyfish, Redbass, Sharks, Whiting, Croakers on the trip with Chris and his daughter Amanda. It was a gorgeous day, also.

And even a Speckled Trout, haven't seen many of them on Gale force days!

Next up: Monday Oct. 4th with the Brandt's and then a 4 passenger trip on Thursday.

The forecast for the week is basically 10-15 knots out of the North or North East every day. I'll bet it'll be closer to the 15 knots than the 10. 

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