Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10/12 - OCTOBER.....the start of the BEST!

This October has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays, all in one month.  It happens once in 823 years.

And along with cooling water & air temps. Isn't it time for you to go fishing?

I say it every single year. Yeah, I know July is vacation time. But it's also sweating to the oldies time. Especially this past July. Dang, I remember it like yesterday. Sitting along the lil' Jetties in the river with a dad and two sons at 8am bottom waiting for a big Redbass to eat our bait. There was not a single "puff" of breeze, the river water was dead flat. And as we breathed, we all were soaking wet with sweat. The humidity must have been 100%.

I couldn't take this but maybe 30 minutes, and when I said, "Hey, let's go run & gun some Shrimp boats and see what the Blacktip Sharks are up too. So we get some air movement"  The two boys on board couldn't reel in the lines we had out fast enough!

That's why Vacation Time, should be NOW!!!!!

It's so funny, because even though my crew may have their sight set on a big Redfish and instead we went Sharkin'. They always ask..... "Capt. Dave, so when is the best time to catch Reds?" At the end of the day.

And my standard reply is FALL & SPRING. Which of course does not corelate to when it's stereo typical vacation time of course. Kids out of school, and all that jazz. But, it's hot as all get-out in Indiana. And even hotter here....But it's vacation time, you know! And for some reason people think summer is the best time of year in Jax for fishing. It maybe in Indiana. But not the best, here.

Sure we sat out alot of sweaty days and did catch big Reds in that heat. I posted the photos all summer of Jr. Anglers and their fish.

But, when the days shorten, the water isn't 87 degrees any longer,  is the TIME of year I look forward too all year long.


Local river temp on average now: 76-78 degrees.....only to get better / cooler.

The best way to break a good sweat now:  Ask George

George M. last October with big "light tackle" Redbass.

C'C'mon...Let's go.

Also, River Cruises / Tours / Dolphins / Birds and "park to park rides", via boat. (Ft. Caroline to Kingsley Plantation) availible. Link:

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TALO said...

Looks great. I'll go Thanksgiving week one day.