Thursday, November 18, 2010

11/18 - GATOR TROUT, REDBASS, and their Ugly Cousins. (and more)

Had Chris M aboard again, and committed. He's the only one who took advantage of my weekday single passenger, special. And while learning more than I almost think he should. We, by now just go fishing. (on these perfect weather and tide weekdays that come along) And yell to each other, "Ya need to tighten up! And get that net!" When one of us hooks up. Yeah, he just follows my lead. Or is that I have to follow his lead? Because he will slick a nice Trout from right under my nose, sometimes.

What are ya waiting on? The fish are chewin! And if you're at all interested in a days charter. I'd be calling "me" and booking your day. Nothing short of "Global Cooling" will keep the fishing as good as it is right now.

I wait for this time of year, for months. Back in August and September, I was the one chewin on the bit. I knew with everyday that passed. We'd shortly be closer to the BEST TIME OF THE YEAR, once again. And now that it's here. Jacksonville residents ought to be chomping at the bit too. But as it turns out. Most people on my boat for a days fishing, are not even from the state of Florida!! C'mon Jacksonville, come see what's in your own back yard! 

Today, the weather and tides was really good. The days I choose (because I know how to pick'em) I'll
e-mail Chris  a day or so in advance, and say...."Let's Go". That's how we get the best days.

It was bright and sunny, cool, the breeze wasn't a bother at all, and the tide was great!  We started out going west. And float-rigged for some Trout. Catching a few smaller ones. But Spot #3 was a hit. Chris whacked a few nice fattieTrout, right off the side of the boat. While I worked some deeper water. I think he was 3 for 3, with in 3 minutes of the boat laying tight on the anchor line. Then, I tried to play catch up, catching a few small Trout, and a pup Redbass.

Before spot #3, we bottom fished. Catching Croakers, and yellowmouth Trout.

Then, as we moved around. We settled in on a spot that is certainly no secret. I like rocks, and this rock pile everyone fishes. It can and does produce some of my largest Trout over the years, just short of the big jetties. Chris caught a pup Redbass, right off. And as I played around with a "light weight" Float-rig, I scored the largest Trout of the day.

A real nice GATOR.

Between the breeze, the wakes from all the ghetto cruisers and the wacky currents, we whipped back and forth, allot. So we worked the area a bit further and then moved on. I don't know if the JETTYWOLF has her own influence on the steering wheel. But it wasn't long before we were pointed due east, and heading for the big Jetties. Where she likes to call home. Especially, during the fall, winter and spring.

We were going to continue float fishing. But seeing what the tide/current was like out there. I had a better idea, since we already had plenty of Trout in the box.  So we anchored up inside the big rocks, and fished live shrimp on as light a sinker as possible.

But before I could even go to my fairy wand rod, my Shakespeare Ugly Stik Striper rod, 7' that's super duper whippy, with a light sinker. For maxium rod bending action, Chris and I started out with fishing a bit heavier rods. I told him, "I have Black Drum on the list, for this spot." He pitched out, hit the bottom and set the hook....BLACK DRUM. And a perfect eater size.

I'd call that "I.G." - instantaneous gratification. Just what I wanted to see. But as I tried to follow suit. I hooked a big Redbass, instead. A 10 pound 30 incher.

As you can see from this photo, it was slick as glass out there today. As the NW breeze blew nice cool air over the water. The current could not have been any more perfect. For light tackle tight-lining.
It was Chris' turn again. The fishing was like Grouper-digging, over a offshore wreck. Drop bait over the side, get a "sand bagger" feel, of a bite. Set the hook and hang the heck on.
Another big fish. A 31 inch Redbass for Chris. It's either too big of a Red. Or too small of a Red. So what ever the Florida Conservation Commission does with NE Florida Redfish limits. After doing the work shops and scoping meetings, that will be held Nov. 23rd in Jax.  It really isn't gonna mean much for me, when it comes to more "take home" fish for my customers. I don't get all that many slot size Redfish anyhow.  But they all are F-U-N. 
Yeah, that's a ugly one worth a big wet kiss, Chris!  I had a few swing and misses, before Chris nails this nice Black Drum. So I had to play catch up.......again. 

Well that's where my "catchin' up" ended on this Black Drum. They were chewin, and the fish box was filling up fast.

As the bite slowed up a bit while the boat swung with the tide. Chris nails yet another good eater size. And I caught one for next years crop. So this litl' fella got to go back to the bottom.   
In between the Black Drum, we caught pup size Redbass, and lots of yellowmouth Trout. And only a few of those small pesky Bluefish that ate everything in sight, just a few days ago.  Maybe they're on the way to another inlet. I hope.

The sun started to get low on the west sky. The air soon got cooler. And we were out of bait. So we headed in. The 72 qt cooler was packed tight, and couldn't fit another fish. And it was another great FALL day on the St. Johns river.

CALL....don't e-mail......CALL 8am-8pm.  If you want a date anywhere near the Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years holidays.

It's definitetly time to catch some nice fish.
Ya' just read and saw the proof.

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