Tuesday, November 23, 2010

11/23 - Super Nice Day, at the big Rocks.

Had the Eric Johnson and crew aboard today for some "go east" fishing. Gawd, I love this time of year when I can go to my favorite rock piles and not come back "west" till days end. Unlike other times of year when I'm all over the place, looking for that big bite.

Cool water, Full moon and too warm air temp today for my liking. I enjoy it when it's very cool.

So we departed at 7am. And went Float-rig fishing. The little bluefish were chewin us up pretty bad. But young Taylor was the man. Catching some seriously nice fat Specks. While we had a throw back and a Yellowmouth. Today for big time success on the float-rigs would have taken lots of patience and lots of shrimp, where we were fishing. We had the shrimp, but maybe not the patience.

So after a the tide just started to slow, we headed off and went bottom fishing. The tide was darn near slack when I pulled up along the jetty rocks. Should almost be perfect to catch us some Black Drum, Redbass, Sheepshead and Yellowmouth Trout. While fishing just live and dead shrimp on the bottom.

Well that's just what happened. But it took awhile to get them all. First off was the Sheepshead.
Then, between small Bluefish bites, the pesky Seabass. We got a few Yellowmouth, another Sheepshead, and a small pup Black Drum.

But that was the only Drum mustered up from along the rocks. And the two Reds were small pups also.

The falling tide barely managed to let us use light leads to hit the bottom. So bite detection wasn't easy by no means. And knowing what's a little fish bite and a bigger fish like a Sheepshead, wasn't something that comes instantly. It takes some experience, for sure. When the current's haulin'.

But we ended the day with a box of good eaters and headed back to clean them up, for the frying pan.
Good day had by all. It sure was nicer out there, too.

Next up:

The 24th and 25th single passenger trips....which ought to give us loads of wiggle room.
And by the way...the 26th is still wide open.

If I'm not booked for "black Friday" it will be the first time in my carreer of 14-1/2 years that I wasn't booked for the day after Thanksgiving. So, right there you can see the world is not the same as it used to be.

I'd like to kick the person in the azz, who messed up my world. If you see him or her.....send 'em my way. So I can do a number on them!

I know..... "I'll have to get in line, huh?"

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