Thursday, November 25, 2010

11/25 - Turkey Day.....FREE FOR ALL!

Have I mentioned to ya'll lately, how much I LIVE for this time of year.

If I haven't, let me remind you that N.E. Florida inshore fishing just doesn't get any better than RIGHT NOW!

Okay...I got that off my chest.

Well, I can see by the poll I was taking (on the right side bar) and thank you to everyone that were kind enough to add their two cents. That the majority of the votes were that you're here on my daily reports blog to learn more about Jacksonville's Best Inshore fishing  Thanks, for being honest. Because just one vote was for, "I'm here because I want to book a charter."   No charters, no reports. That's how I see it. So you need to spread the word as much as possible. Because, of course this blog isn't really for learning more about Jacksonville's best inshore fishing in general. It's for my customers to view their photos, and read their reports. That is and will always be the intent, here. Unless you're willing to start paying a subscription fee.

Had "Traveller Bob" aboard again, today. Bob's a Kingfisherman in the summer. Bob lives in the mountains of N.C. Bob of course has a really nice boat. Bob likes fishing Jacksonville. And Cappy Dave in Jacksonville is always happy to see the Traveller. Be it in the summer, or in the fall. On my boat, or on his own.

And today. I believe Traveller Bob, was glad to have booked his fall trip, aboard the Jettywolf. Because Traveller Bob.....WORE THEM OUT!

But, let's start around 7:30am to about 11:00am. F-O-G...F-O-G...F-O-G, so we weren't going anywhere fast. No one I saw was and if they were, they were a complete idiot! The fog was thick enough, the Traveller and I idled 7 miles up river in the Jettywolf, along the bank (staying very clear of the ship channel) watching my GPS chart plotter and keep a sharp eye out, for any of those idiots. All to attempt to catch some Trout on a strong rising, tide. (5.2 feet). Well, it was a bit futile. The only thing we did catch was a handful of small Yellowmouth Trout.  Really, the incoming up in the river hasn't been doing me any big favors. And the jetties are slap full of those chomper Bluefish, making float-rigging for Trout even more futile on an incoming tide, the last few days.

But we tried, I always give trout wrangling 110%.  Bob and I fished at least 4 spots. No specks. So the Jettywolf steered her self to the Jetties. So as the tide topped out, we tried float-rig fishing again. Nothing much. but Bob catching one small pup Redfish, and that cost no less than 25 shrimp to just do that amongst the Bluefish.

So, when the Trout fishing gets tough, the tough go down to the bottom. We anchored up on a great spot. And started dropping down live and dead shrimp to the bottom, at high tide. And here is when our day really started.

Small Reds......there's thousands and thousands of them out there along the big rocks. And we caught them. And then we caught some Black Drum. And the longer we fished. The more exciting it got.

Big Reds, small Reds. Perfect eater size Black Drum, and small pup Black Drum. It was a bottom fishing festival! Bob was now on the scoreboard. Rods were bending and we were having a ball.

Then, we got SQUATTED UPON. Two dudes, decided to anchor so close to us I could have spit a louggy in their boat! In yesterday's report I said, "some people park on top of other people, but I won't." Well, I was right. We were on them and just minding our own bees wax.

When the tide turned and started to fall, I had to pull my anchor, or I'd be up on the rocks when the current came. But of course the anchor wouldn't budge. Yet again, the inside of the north Jetty claims another victim. I lost my anchor. My "trip" cable came loose and I got back all my chain and anchor line. While my anchor remained in the rocks, for YOU to get hung on next time. Well, that's two anchors in two months for me.
Not as bad as 4 lost in one day, before 1:00pm, like I had happen a several years ago. I lost my light anchor, again. And had to use my "man-maker", the 22 pounder with 12 foot of chain. And because we were squatted upon, so nicely by the other dudes. The perfect place for me to re-anchor would have been dropping my anchor on the stern of their boat. But being a precision anchor'er, that I am. I believe,  I had to run over their lines to drop my anchor to put us where I wanted to be. So I did and we got on the spot.

And again, live or dead shrimp on the bottom, put Bob and I in constant bites by either Black Drum or Redfish. At least 10 Reds were 16 inches, while the others were 29-32 inches. NO in between keepers. The Drum were from 16 inches to 23 inches, with several too small to keep. Toss in plenty of super hungry Seabass just under what would be keeper status, and a few Yellowmouth Trout. And it was a clinic, out there.

I went from a zero to a hero by giving up on looking for the Trout today. And I believe, Traveller Bob was happy I did. Bob reminded me, that today was the first time he and I fished the jetties. Each time we fished in the past it was too nasty or something out there, to do so. And we had to stay up in the river.

Well Bob....."how 'bout that fall Jetty Bottom fishing?" Man, it was great. No fancy bait needed. Live or fresh dead shrimp, is all we used and they were scarfing it up, as if it was their last meal....and it was for many of those perfect eater sized Black Drum!

We left them biting. It was getting late. Momma was wondering where I was, I'm sure. Thankgiving dinner was around 5:00pm and I would barely make it. Traveller Bob, was wondering to himself, "when is Dave gonna say UNCLE??...and say that's enough, let's go." 

Well folks, it all gets back to what I said at the start of this report.....

"let me remind you that N.E. Florida inshore fishing just doesn't get any better than RIGHT NOW!"

So even I, can't get enough after 3 days in a row! It's living the dream, and catchin the fish. It was such a beautiful day, with good company and great fishing once again. I never want to leave and call it a day. But we did after even more big Redbass.

Light tackle, maximum of a 3 oz. bank sinker in the tide. This is the type of bottom fishing I can really love.

Next up:

Saturday 11/ 27 with 3 guys. And then I guess we'll call that another great month of  November for the history books.

If you missed one of the absolute top months in Jacksonville, I wouldn't waste any time. And get in on December, NOW!

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