Saturday, November 27, 2010

11/27 - It's a tough job....

First 5 minutes on the spot, with baits down, meant INSTANTANEOUS GRATIFICATION!  (31" Redbass and a 18 pound Black Drum)

The next 5 mintues, another Black Drum.

Four days of holiday charters, and finally a "keeper" slot sized Redbass.....barely under 27". But another one for the BOX!

They came in all sizes. Big, medium and small, and really small. But, "we loved them all". 

A big "seven striped jetty snapper", even enjoyed some ABC - "already been chewed",  jumbo fresh dead shrimp. It's all about the smell of goodness.

Another fattie, heading straight into the fish box, and then on its way to Saginaw, Michigan for many a dinner.

It's a tough job being out there bright and early in the morning chill on a Saturday with a front passing through. Wind blowing 15 knots, water choppy. BUT SOME ONE HAS TO DO IT.

But Ed, Tony and Steve were ready for the job, of whackin some fatties!  Ready, and successful!

More then enough filler fish too. Which Ed asked, "Dave, what's a filler fish?" And I replied, "the ones that fill the gaps in the fish box between the big fish." Which were plenty of Yellowmouth Trout, Whiting, and even Croakers.

The guys caught, reeled on, lost, released, allot of fish....5 pounds of shrimp, allot! And plenty of those small chomper bluefish moved in when the tide turned and flooded the green water in between the jetties. But no biggy. They still let us catch plenty.

The wind backed off, the chill went away, and the water calmed down. As the front passed over. Allot of the boats heading offshore turned around or were in early, another reason I'm glad to be a Jetty-man!

We anchored on 2 spots all day long, and kept lines in the water with fresh baits on the hook 99.9% of the day. Plus, as we fished. All the other boats out there disappeared. Guess the Bluefish ran everyone off. Or their crew wasn't as tough as mine.

Don't let the jetty exit door, hit ya in the azz, I say. More room for the Jettywolf!

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