Tuesday, November 30, 2010

11/30 - Number one month.....gone.

If you missed it. You still have a chance, to get in on some of those "sweatshirt" fishing days. But boy was November a great month. It usually is. If I have to pick a month or two. I think I'd go with November as my 1st favorite, and then April and my 2nd favorite fishing months.

It all has to do with "transition".  I attempt to explain how and why to people in other parts of the country by just saying Thanksgiving and Easter.....but Easter isn't always in April (but it's close enough)

I've received many e-mails inquiring about "when to go", this week. And ya'll know who you are. Well, NOW is when you should book your trip. Wait till July, and forget about it. It's not the same as what's going on, as we speak. But allot of my shouting out to the public, goes unnoticed.

Talked extensively with a fellow Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club member in Academy Sports yesterday. It seems I live WAY TOO CLOSE to that store! Although we both are in the JOSFC, neither of us really do much offshore fishing.

He was talking about how from now on, he's on a big Trout hunt. And was reading on the Internet, every one's best clues to catching big Trout. Soon as he started telling me some of his findings, I could quickly could tell most of the Internet secrets were based on the G.O.M. - Gulf of Mexico, Trout.

(Trout reign supreme on my boat, because it's all about the challenge of what it takes to consistantly catch quality fish, rather than going after just a big tug on the line.)

Yes, Trout reign supreme in  Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. But not as supreme here on the east coast of Florida, and especially not as supreme in Jacksonville, Florida!

Here, it's all about what many Gulf Coasters would consider a "junk fish", Sheepshead. Because they have so many Trout is why everyone loves them so. I love them so, because we don't have as many as those Gulf Coast states. And the challenge is what excites me. And the high I get fropm taking people, teaching them, and having them catch their own, Speckled Trout.

Hell, we even have the largest Sheepshead tournament in the world that ought to tell ya something, right there.

Catch  a Trout this size in J-ville and you'll never fish for Sheepshead again!

 This wade caught Texas Trout was dubbed "Troutzilla". Which makes the nic-name "Gator" for a big Trout in N.E. Florida, seem a bit weak, huh?

Although, November is now gone, and it's not like many people are going to catch Texas sized Troutzilla's. Here's some photos of past November & December Speckled Trout days specifically on my Jettywolf, in the St. Johns River.








They're out there. But not all days are created equal. Our tides, and fall-winter-and spring winds give us certain windows of opportunity. Situations on the water, give us windows of opportunity.

Hell, I've had over 100 Trout days in August! But as I've discussed before, it was right after a huge storm. That produced lots of rain and a big flush of bait and the fish following along. I found those fish. And was on then for quite awhile. Till, something changed. Yes, it seems through all my research, that it's 7 days a week 12 months a year, about any tide...in places like Louisiana, when it comes to catching plain ole Speckled Trout. Any size, and lots of them.

But here, I find there is "windows of opportunity". And when I see them. I go for it.

Like right now, I know where there's big honkin Trout...BUT THE BLUEFISH ARE KILLING THAT OPPORTUNITY. Soon as they're out here. I'll be hitting that spot, again.  I was on that same spot two weeks ago, and the big trout were there. I pulled a 23 incher, out in the first 10 minutes of fishing it.

So.....I guess the moral of the story is if you're hunting for lots of big Trout fishing secrets and run into all that Gulf of Mexico info out there on cyber-space. You need to read it, take it all in. Become familiar with all the ways to catch big Trout. Because it all helps, there is no doubt. I've read it all too.

But for me, I just grab my float-rig rod, some live river crickets, and fish when the large Speckled Trout are really availible.  IE: wind dirtection, weather, tides, and such.

In the spring I never leave out, looking for a big Trout without a topwater plug tied on. Or my most trusty of all, a MirrOlure 52MR in the wackiest, flashiest color.

Catching big Trout in the St. Johns has more to do with opportunity than technique, I have learned. And the transitional times of year, is the best when that opportunity presents itself. It's no different than trying to catch Tarpon in January in Jacksonville. You have to GO, when they're in your back yard.

Think........ RIGHT NOW.  Cuz, if your day is "right", I'd love to help YOU catch your N.E. Florida "Gator" Trout. And many other species.

Or get ready for spring and book early. It's NEVER to early to plan a trip. If you plan far ahead, you instantly get a gold star next to your name in my reservation book.

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