Thursday, December 16, 2010

12/16 - After the big winds of yesterday....

I just had to go see what was up. A bit of R&D ya may say. Asked friend Dr. Dick if he wanted to go, because he said something about NOT ever catching a Black Drum before. But we also wanted to Trout fish, too. And had alot to do, because Doc had to be back at the boat ramp and heading home by 1:15pm.

Well, our "live shrimp" were in a coma, from the cold temps. And with the SW wind blowin', it took a while to get the mojo going. Anchoring was a real pain. I would rather have used my block anchor and dropped it in the jetty rocks. But a SW is the direct opposite, of the normal NE winds of winter.

It took a bit of patience, but we got into them, no problem. DRUM, and small seabastards...Opps, and one Toadfish is all. No Reds.

And we never did go Trout fishing, and our "some what" live shrimp, never completely came back to life, either.

It sure feels funny doing allot of bottom fishing in this cold weather, rather than Trout fishing. But what the heck, it's fun and the fish are fat and willing to eat your dead shrimp. It's that EZ.

I slam dunked actually three but these two were the keepers.

Then, the Doc got his turn. We were really Light Tackling it.  I was using a Shakespeare Ugly Stik Striper med. light rod. With a now 'Vintage" Shimano bass fishing Calyx 100 reel I got that was "new in the box" off Ebay last week. And Dick was using a light weight Shimano Calcutta rod, and small Calcutta reel. We were lucky and were able to fish with 2-3 ounce leads.

Oh yeah, it was quite chilly out there. But a double header of 8-10 pound "rubber-lips" can cure that quick.

Dick's holding mine and his. We hooked up on that "sand-bagger" bite both at the same time.

We soon decided to stick it out right where we were, and not go lookin' for Trout...maybe when we have more time some other day.

Gawd dang. I love winter fish fests. Very much worth braving the chill. But the chill ain't no thang, if you're in good foul weather clothes.

We caught at least 12 before having to head in. And Dick needed fish for family coming, I kept two smaller ones. I like sandwich size fish..."fillets".

Next up: Adam M. on Friday.

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