Monday, December 13, 2010

12/13 - Your monthly dose of ALLOY.

I've been asked by customers before, "Dave, if you won the lottery you'd probably have one of them big Sport fish boats, huh?" 

My reply usually is, "Ya have to buy a ticket to play the lottery first, fishing is about all the gambling I can take."

I know I'd never even want some big sport fish boat like a Bertram, or a Viking. I look at them and think, "No Versatility and I'm supposed to keep that damn thing shiny?"

But I just got wind of a big boat I would love to own, if the wallet ever afforded it. Like the grandest hotels have, I like a ball room!

I gotta have room, it's my biggest pet peeve when I look at most boat. And room where it counts.

And if I won the lotto, you'd be able to book your "suite" on this for a multiple day trip...but certainly not here in J-ville, though. I'm sure I could find a better place to call my stomping grounds.

THE ANTI-SPORTFISH stark blinding clorox white, sea-foam green, or fighting lady yellow here.

I'd fore go the diamond plate deck, and go for a non-skid painted deck in light colored tan or grey. But any young ladies wanna dance?

Can ya grab me a beer? I need to flip the lobster tails on the grill.

Everyone gets to drop a line and gets a stern spot.

From Sheepshead to grander Marlin, I believe the Senator has it covered.

Then call me a politician.

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