Sunday, December 19, 2010

12/19 - REELY?

Been playing around. Got myself two reels from "yester-year".

One is before the Bass Boys decided that it wasn't okay to be casting a "so-called" heavier reel all day long. And companies like Shimano took the majority of their greatest reels (bait casting...I don't talk spinner!) and put them on a diet. Stripping them down to the least amount of weight they can.

Examples, would be the Curado. And the Citica. Two, low pro reels that are just plain awesome. They have been slimmed to nothing more than a gear box and spool. Compared to the first go'round of Curados and Citicas. You use Citica's when you're float-rig fishing with me...older ones. That have a ton of miles under them. But just keep on working.

My older models,"and as a saltwater fisherman I think they are already light in weight." But the new ones are now really anerexic!  But as usual with shimano's drag system, they're slicker than Tarpon poop, that's for sure.

Here's my two lastest finds:

The Calyx 100A.

The Calyx 200, a wider model, but lacking the one piece alloy frame.
See? The 100 Calyx is smaller and lighter and more Bass caster friendly. Compared to this reel. Vintage late 90's, I believe. But reminiscent of the reels that every river Trout fisherman really wanted, back in the day, and that was these (below: Shimano Bantam 50)....I know I missed the boat. A quiver of these in pristine condition fetch huge prices on the auctions.

So....If you have a 4 pack of these in like new condition, you could sell them and make enough to buy a brand new Curado, that costs $200 plus.

Saw a fella at the boat ramp last summer with a quiver full of Bantam 50's. And I talked to him. He said he was heading out Kingfishing, and those were the reels he uses. Like the Mule team, the old Bantam 50's just kept working, obviously. Huge amount of line capacity, light weight for their day. And faster than some old Penn level-wind, that's for sure.

The smallest Calyx, caught Drum for two days, straight.

That's my F-U-N. It's not just catching the fish, but the "how" and what on, did I catch them. I'm sure these were intended for just Bass, and the 2 second fight you get out of Bass really isn't a true test of any reel. The bass boys don't care about that. It's all about how they cast and "flip".

For me, I don't care as much about casting as I do cranking! And from 40 feet below, with a nice sized drag puller on the other end. Another important thing in a light tackle saltwater reel or a "low profile" reel is drag pressure and line capacity.

If you read the catalogs, you'll read the hype about allot of reels these days. You see unbelievable drag pressures that small low profile reels claim to produce on a fish.

The most outrageous is the Abu Garcia Revo inshore and Revo Toro reels. They claim upwards of over 20 pounds of drag pressure!

I do not believe it. I'd have to see it...on a scale!


Because I own the smallest most high drag pressure reels on the market today, and they are Accurate twin drags. TWIN drags, yes two high tech drags, in a tiny little reel. Not just one quarter sized drag washer, as in most Abu Garcia's.

Like a brakes on your car, the Accurate's spool is the "rotor", and the drag is like the disc brake pads. Exerting the same amount of pressure equally to each side of the reel spool. As the lever drag handle is pushed upward. Absoultely awesome reels.

Oh yes, these little wonders are truly techie. No larger than a Abu Garcia 5500 reel. (You use these to stop big Redbass in deep water on my boat).

These little reels with two drags, the size of the reel side plates produce over 20 pounds of drag pressure on a fish. So I cannot believe that a little single drag low profile like this Abu Garcia Revo can produce 20 pounds as well. It just doesn't compute, in the engineering.

It's a war out there. And the reel companies are gonna claim as much victory as they can. Low Profile reels are mighty popular. Easily palmed, light weight, powerful gearing, makes all of them "NOT FOR JUST BASS ANYMORE."

I've gone full bore, and most of my reels are now light weight, high speed, low pro's.

I used to be a die hard Abu Garcia 5500 & 6500 owner. The drags sucked back then. They were jerky and although the "round reels" as they are known today, held a ton of line. It was almost useless with such a terrible drag system.

That's why on my boat you'll be using all high speed, high line capacity (for a low-pro) and smooth drag Shimano for our everyday fishing.

High speed these days is 7.1 to 1 gear ratio. So even my Shimano's with 6.2 to 1, is slower. (FYI: that's 6.2 turns of the reel spool for each turn of the reel handle) But especially when Trout fishing with the ole float-rig, gathering line FAST, or gathering slack line laying on the water fast. Really helps when it comes to catching.

Other edges are using Braided line...or as I still call it, "Super braid". Today, people have dropped the word "super".

Wanna know why you felt that Black Drum "sand bag" you so nicely, fourty feet below the boat in a haulin current? As it sucked up your shrimp and slowly moved away?  Because of the line. That's why it was so easy to feel. Mono is OUT, for me. It's only leader material, if that.

Technology. It's unbelievable.

Right now, I'm using a new Laptop computer. The lastest and greatest. Fast as all get out. Packed with features I didn't know existed. Borrowing it from my mother. Because my "desk top computer" of the last twelve years just crapped the bed, two days ago. It was so slow, and had no memory anymore. It was jam packed and finally after much frustration by it's user, ME. I about took a sledge hammer to it.
So it's officially.....DOA.

So, then why did I buy some older reels to play with?  It's still nice to be a little vintage. Even if a vintage reels like the ones I got, are just a mere 6-10 years old.

So the question asks........what are you fishing with?

-Vintage, for the fun of it.
-Vintage,  because your just slow to get on the band wagon? 

Well you can bet, since "your guide", (that's me) is a real gadget guy. I'll have for you, as close to cutting edge as I can multiples of FOUR.

It's all part of the fun. Upgrading, R&D with tackle, deal hunting, and maintaining.

Now, are ya ready to go rip some drag?

Next up: Three person on Thursday. But I maybe out there before that. Ya' know. Doing R&D.

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