Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12/20-21 - P-A-I-N

So who was out there today?
First day or winter, it was today (the 21st.) Doesn't seem like the actual weather knows what the calendar is saying huh?

Well, I had an inquiry to go hit it. But they couldn't make it. And it was almost as well they couldn't. I would not have made it myself. Monday around 8pm I started getting pains in my back, then my groin. Then my stomach. Then back to my groin.


Yep, I knew it. This isn't my first rodeo. 10 years ago I had an attack of a Kidney Stone while fishing "ALONE" up in Ft. George. And to top it off, I had dropped the boat in at the Sisters creek boat ramp. So that meant while seeing stars, I had to drive back, put the boat on the trailer, then drive over the Dames Point bridge, to head home. I remember distinctly while coming down the Dames Point, I thought  I was gonna faint from the pain. And slowed down and almost pulled over to just die, right there.

Well, this time luckly I was at home. Was gonna go fishing today with my buddy Nick, since I had no charter, on this perfect weekday. But Nick was home bed ridden and sick with the flu. So I was contemplating not going by myself. And I was glad I didn't.

Hell, I couldn't have anyhow. By 8pm last night the pain was so bad I thought I was gonna collapse. And by 5am, 9 hours later,the pain was still there. I evententualy passed out in my Lazyboy and woke up painless at 8am. Only to have it start all over again by 8:30am.  To the doctor I went. I actually was going to blow off an appointment I already had scheduled today, to go fishing. But thank goodness I had an appointment today. It worked out great. I have VA health Care, and let me tell ya' how great those people are. I was treated fast and don't think a private Doctor or private health care would have been as proficiant.

My Doc got me in, and then on to blood and urine tests, and x-rays and then to the pharmacy for antibiotics and pain killers.

And as it turned out I had passed the stone between my house and the VA office because of constantly having "to go".

So...what a day, what a night! I made it.

If you are not a Kidney Stone sufferer. THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS.  If you've had them, you know what it's like. My last one was 10 years ago. And I always have dreaded another attack.

But this time it was worse than the last. Way worse.

But, I asked if anyone went fishing today.
Because it was warm, sunny and "L&V". Light & Variable winds.

Light and Variable, the two words you love to read in the marine weather forecast in the fall, winter and spring, around here.

Being the first full day of winter, it sure was a beautiful day. Wish I was out there whackin some fatties.

I feel right now, as if my guts have been ripped out of me, and put back. And that's probably because of the trama my guts were in for 9 hrs last night, and the infections that always follow.

I guess you could die from a Kidney Stone? But, if you don't, you'll feel as if you are about too, that's for sure.

I won't soon forget this first day of winter of 2010. I'm circling this date in my Florida Sportsman Tide Planner book. (Dave's fishing bible) As a reminder that in another 10 years, when I'm 58 years old, I may go through it all over again. I hope not!

Looks like the weather is UP & DOWN, from here on out. One day may be gorgeous, and then the next two cold and windy.

Either way after last night, and what I went through, has me not caring all that much. Each day of fishing no matter what the weather is like is a real blessing, anyhow.

Being able to fish and take people from all over the globe, to share what I love so much. Watch them experience, what I take for granted.

Last nights agonizing experience. Makes me appreciate it all, more.

Sometimes we need, a good kick in the pants.
I just wish it didn't have to hurt so bad.

-See ya out there on Thursday's, North at 15-20kts.(?)

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