Thursday, December 23, 2010

12/23 - Oh it be so....

If you didn't see my predictions for today from yesterday. SCROLL DOWN one post.
But heck, ya never know. So you have to try at least. Right?

Yep, my fears of a full blown Noreaster, was present today at the jetties.
The Forecast of 20 knots from the due north was dead-azz on.

Had Dave H. and his buddy and his buddies young son aboard. It was freezin out there. And the wind was all to blame.

Twice we tried heading the the big rocks (inlet jetties). First thing this morning on the super flood FULL MOON rising tide. We went straight to the end. But "my gut" was saying to me, "This ain't gonna be good for anyone." So I backed off and headed down river instead.

But momma Nature had other plans for us. It was a K.O.D. day. And what is a K.O.D day?

Kiss O' Death. Meaning a rising kick butt flood tide, with a good 20 knot wind behind it, and a FULL MOON....ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!

A recipe for what I refer to as; the good ole Global River Tour. Because no matter what, ya' just can't find any where that'll give up a bite of any kind.

So we went and looked at the big rocks one mo' time. And as we motored along the shallow part of the inside of the north rocks, Dave says, "we're not heading all the way out to the end again are we?"
I said, "No way!"

Inside the north was solid spray. The jetties were almost gone. Under water. And unless we had scuba suits, there was no anchoring up behind them.

Here's what we saw..... (along the shallows)

Niagra Falls, anyone??

Maybe a ride on the "Maid of Mist?"

Needless to say, no place we tried did we recieve anything more than a Pinfish bite. Again...this wasn't my first rodeo. Been here in this same situation before. So I told the guys, let's cut this short. We're not gonna catch a thing, in these conditions.

So we headed back to the dock.

Hope everyone has a good holiday.
I'll be back at it on the 28th and 29th

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