Sunday, December 26, 2010

12/26- COMING SOON.....

I get so many great comments about this blog. Yes, it's not always just fishing reports. But then again when you come here, you aren't reading some fishing reports from back in April of 2008 like many of my competitors.

But, it's not a competition, anyhow. Because, I couldn't care less what other guides are doing. I know what works, for me. And has been working since 1996.  INFORMATION!

Just like my tackle, boat and website. It's all in continual "upgrade". By signing up for these reports, you're part of a data base. You will receive any specials, will receive notices. And have access to this reports blog. And I can track the activities. Wasn't able to do that prior.

"The archives." 

Do not know if any readers utilize this part of Google Blogger. The archives for two full years is located on the right side-bar of this page. I look at it all the time. Especially when looking up a past customers trip, that is now coming back for another. I want to know how and what we did the last time they were out with me.

Well, the newest item that'll be coming very soon will be video clips. Video of your charter. Or at least a clip of your charter, if you don't mind....


Is that giant Redbass kicking light tackle BUTT? I want to capture that! How about the smiles of your son or daughter catching their first saltwater fish? Or coming this summer, those big Spinner & Black Tip Sharks behind the shrimp boats, caught on video. And posted here with "your" report and report photos.

Photo's will still be here. What's a magazine article worth, without photos? Well. that's what I consider this blog to be. An on-line magazine, dedicated to NE Florida fishing.

" Like sands through the hour glass, these are the days of us on the water fishing....."

Plus, now I can throw up a quick impromptu video on a product that you may find interesting or a tackle rigging technique.

I'm so looking forward to providing you as a reader with so much more than you will find anywhere else, and especially anywhere else on another local fishing charter web site.

So stay tuned. It's coming.

Please click on the title of any report here, and enter a comment at the bottom, if it so moves you.  The "template" I'm using only accepts comments if posted on each reports own URL. And then, is only visible when the report's own URL is on screen.

Thanks, and hope 2011 you'll jump on the Jettywolf with me if you haven't already.

Next up: I'm reserved for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Upadate......too cold Tuesday morning for a 7 yr old. Trying Thursday or Friday with the warm up. Still heading out Wednesday with two adults.

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