Friday, December 3, 2010

12/3 - It just doesn't get any better.

It almost didn't happen. But it did. And that's one thing about "true" fisherman is, they make it happen. Got a call from George. He's fished aboard the Jettywolf many times. He had some relatives in town. But it took till the last minute before all the moons aligned. But late last night, well after I hit the sack. The guys booked their charter.

When a fisherman says, "I'm going fishing." They do. No tire kickin' around. George read the latest reports here, and passed on the info that the fishing is RED HOT, as Patrick and Mike were able to go.

And as you'll turned out to be an EPIC day at the jetties, and after that we topped it off with even more catching.

Mike was the "hot rod" right off the bat, as he slam dunked a Big Redbass and some large Black for the fish box.

There's nothing like torqued rod, ripping drag and a.......

....sweet azz, Black Drum, along the Mayport Jetties. We were all alone, not another soul around at 7am.  It wasn't even that cold. Cold will be coming next week. high 30's, low 40's ain't cold, it's EXCITING!!!!

The Redbass come in only two sizes for me on my boat. Way too big, out of the slot, or way too small, out of the slot. That's why if you want M-E-A-T, ya better love Black Drum. It's better than Redbass in my book, and I like the slot sizes so much better.


A Double-header, one way too big to keep, and one way too small to keep. I say, make the slot size, 16" to 23", sort of like Georgia's Redbass sizes, since we're not Florida, but rather the largest city in SE Georgia, anyhow.

I don't know about you, but this is all I live for. This is the time of year for inshore fishing N.E. Florida. I just put up with the hot, humid, dry, high rain deficit summers, like last summer. I was dreaming of this fishing in July of 2010!

These guys caught so many Drum it was ridicules. The fish were chewin so fast if you didn't get slammed in 2 minutes of being down on the bottom, ya thought you were doing something wrong, like fishing with no bait. After this weeks big winds and front passing through it did nothing but fire the fish up like an inferno.

Here's a stereo typical "Navy Town" photo from the inlet. What would a day of fishing the jetties be like without Navy ships passing by constantly, along with those nonsense seatractor tugs throwing massive wakes?

About 15 or more Black Drum, a bunch of small Reds, and bunch of large Reds. Add in some good sized Yellowmouth Trout, and some Whiting. It was one hell of a morning. The NEW moon tide started to scream hard. Both coolers on the boat were slap full of fish. And I get to go out again tomorrow and do it all over again, with four people on Saturday.

It was time to run up into the river and do some Float-rig fishing for Speckled Trout. And they were chewin' too! Boxing 12 nice 16-20" keepers, while catching 15 in an hour and a half on just one drop of the anchor.

George said they had 12 mouths to feed tonight. Well, they better get busy. That's allot of fish to cook!

-Are you missing out on this? If so, don't think like the others, by thinking the chilly mornings are too much to bare. By 10am it was off with the woolies and back to the sweatshirts and shorts for me. IT'S CALLED NO SWEAT FISHING!
-Ya know, it cost no more to fish the the JETTYWOLF, and get a few for your grill.


Chris said...

Very nice! We saw you guys on the end of the Jetty we got a late start and we were looking for sheepshead found 12 of them. And one black drum came along...what were you using for the drum? Dead shrimp?

Capt. Dave Sipler - JETTYWOLF said...

Sheepshead are way to hard to clean for no meat, so I don't target them. So I use shrimp as bait.