Saturday, December 4, 2010

12/4 - WHAT CAN I SAY.....

What can I say.....the fishing has been pure insane! I recieved an email today asking how the fishing was. And I replied, "just go to my fishing reports page and see the proof, of how crazy great it is."

As usual. I meet the 4 guys at 7am and we headed to the jetties (inlet). Booked by Ken H. he wanted the guys he was taking to have a good day. In the back of my mind. I knew it would be a great day! Being Saturday the boats that hunkered in at the jetties was 10 times what it was yesterday.

But that's a weekend for ya. Having tro deal with people who anchor right next to ya, and give you no wiggle room. Yes it's really inconsiderate, but that inlet on weekends is the home of the inconsiderates. I call weekends, "the Me, Me, Me, days, hell with YOU."

Again, we weren't on anchor 15 minutes and here comes the fish. My economy anchor: my rigged up concrete cinder block.  It held us so good today that I was amazed. And it never even broke when I pulled it up. I actually got it back 100% intact. What a great Jetty anchor idea that is.

Here comes the fish.....From Trout to Reds, Drum, giant Seabass, and even a spot and piggy perch or two.

BLACK DRUM.....they were thick and we released so many, but kept only a few as eaters, today.

Yep, even a nice Speckled Trout off the bottom in 36' of water on a piece of dead shrimp. The fish are on FIRE!

One BEAUTIFUL Redbass. They came again in two sizes; BIG & SMALL, no slot size fish at all.

You can easily see "who" was in contention as the "Hot Rod".
But he had contenders on his heels.

These Black Drum are so sweet. The guys caught them all sizes. From small to large. But ones just like this are perfect eaters. Grill, Blacken, just doesn't matter with such a versatile fish.

This one here is about  10 pounds and just above "perfect eater" in my book. We let most of them go. If we want bites like this to continue.

Here's Ken the fella that booked the charter. If Ken wants to catch more fish, then he should have not brought such good fisherman with him.  But that's a great lookin' Drum, Ken!

Many of the large Redbass today were seriously "spotty" ones. Also known as "beauty marks".

Right when you think the 30 plus inchers fight hard. Here comes a big "spawner" size Redfish that whooped up one heck of a light tackle, deep water battle. This one weighed in at 25 pounds...on a small 1/0 Eagle Claw 042 wide bend hook, that due to angler skill wasn't even bent when I pulled it out of the fishes lip. Big fish on light tackle is something that the Mayport Jetty Rocks, specializes in. That's why the Jettywolf boat loves to be there. And my regular customers have grown acustom too.

Again today, as soon as the current wouldn't let us fish 3 oz. sinkers at the jetties any longer. That's my cue to say thanks and move on down the river for a treat.....I.G. - instantaneous gratification, Speckled Trout fishing to finish off the day. The guys took turns on just two rods, and easily boxed a 1/2 dozen nice fat Trout. And then it was time to head back to the dock.

Everything is chewin' there is no doubt. Big fish to small fish. Super grillers to super fryers!

If you haven't booked your Holiday trip aboard the plate alloy Jettywolf yet....I'd get to steppin'.

Thanks Ken and crew, I had a ball too! 

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