Friday, December 31, 2010

12/30 - Why go west?

Had Mark M. and his son aboard. Decided to head west instead of east. In the river today. First stop proved that the Black Drum are everywhere. Even when I'm looking for some other species.

First fish of the day, a nice big Drum. But, that was it frfom stop #1. So we pressed on. I was wanting to find some Yellowmouth Trout or something. Numerous and  smaller for our Jr. Angler.

So westward I headed. Working hard to get on the spots proved that there's some spots that you can fish a big chunk of dead shrimp on the bottom and go biteless.

Back in November, that certainly wouldn't have happened. Between Croakers, Bluefish and the ever present pinfish. Today I was actually wishing for them.

But, I could see it just wasn't going to take place. And as the cold morning air stuck with us. I even noticed a rise in the wind. The forecast was wind from the east. So I was on the look out for it.

In the back of my mind, I knew the jetties were the place to be. But wasn't heading out there, with a Jr. Angler if it was rough and windy.

Turns out, no matter what we did. I couldn't find any small and numerous fish. (7 year old size fish) So eastward we went. And when we arrived at the end of the jetties (inlet) it was warmer and calmer!!!!! Beautiful and slick.

So we slid into a good bottom fishing spot and started working it.

Yep, eastward is where the Jettywolf likes to call home. And that was all she wrote. We were into fish pretty fast......and Drum were on the menu again. Good gawd, this has been a hell of a Drum year.

The only Redfish caught. Eating a dead shrimp on a massive 2-1/2 oz. jig head, on the bottom.

Drum of all sizes.

Turned out, it got much warmer. The fish were chewing. And everyone was happy. It's a great end of 2010, for sure. Good fishing and wonderful weather.

And a bit of world river tour in the morning still yielded a big fat Drum, and a perfect current once arriving at the jetties. So it couldn't have wrked out much better. I believe we kept four, and released four.

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