Friday, December 31, 2010

12/31 - I knew it going in....

Had brothers Chris and Rick aboard today. Leaving early, because I knew today would be the day with the heavy duty crowds. And it surely was. Another, holiday..."me, me, me" kinda day. At first, since the tide was high at 5:12 am, I knew by 7:30am that the water would still be high. Connect that with a good 5.0 foot tide. Meant that as we sat "protecting" the spot we were fishing from the onslought of attackers, aka: "people that want to anchor on top of us". As anchoring on the spot was a genuine challenge.

I used every anchor I have in my arsenal. I used the big heavy "man-maker". Then, switched up and anchored in the rocks with my concrete block anchor. Then, to a small grapnel. Back to the heavy "man-maker". All to achieve precision positioning.

It was an anchoring circus, I was in. Getting grabbed by a whirling back eddy. Kicking us out of the zone, then back into the zone.  Back and forth.

But, I knew what was going on, the whole time. It was just that we had to stay in the area. And with a whopping two Toadfish in the first 2 hrs. It looked as if we'd never be in the meat.

But that was just the look of things. No a fact.

But that's what tide fishing is all about. By heading to this spot, first thing. We were really early for the right tide.

We sat through smoking current, too. And that quickly shagged away all the boats that honed in around us, really fast. But I had the "man maker" anchor stuck and stuck good. So we just sat through the period that the tide ripped.

But when the tide got right. We were in the meat so deep it was a waylay session!

Using my newest addition to the tackle arsenal. The rods weren't all that new, but the reels just came out of their boxes, last night. Chris and Rick really put them to the test. 

As we fished just dead jumbo shrimp on the bottom. It was again, Black Drum and Black Drum only. And just a few weeks ago it was Reds, Sheepshead, Whiting, Yellowmouth Trout, and Drum on the same exact spot.

I suspect as the water temps dropped, with the cooler water the other species moved on to happier hunting grounds. But the Black Drum, a typical cold water winter fish, remained. And with reports of allot of small trout. And my own experiences too. I'd just as soon, catch these Drum if I can get on them where I want to get on them.

But let me tell ya......I'm so aching for a good day of trout hunting. No matter what. I need a change! And it's coming soon.

Had plans for doing some trout fishing today. But my livewell of shrimp were comotose, this morning. From the over night chill, spent in my livewell. Since I bought a bunch yesterday. 

The guys easily caught a 3 man limit.
Being 5 per person 14-24" with one of the 5 able to be over 24". And we had 3 over 24" real fast.

 I just stood ready with the net. as Chris and Rick double headed (double instant hook-ups) no less than four times. It was drop down, set hook, fight fish to net for both of them.

We boxed around 6 or 7 and released all the rest. As the FWC boat sat in the middle of the channel staring our way, with binoculars. I was gonna get mine out and stare them down, but I didn't have time. I had to get the net, unhook the fish and get some photos.

I only got in these four photos. Because no sense taking pics when they could drop down and slam another fish.

After having to sit through that haulin' ass current and all the work it took me to stay on our spot, there was no time to waste. The bite was on!

As the tide slowed, we had a boat creeping closer and closer. Driving over and dropping anchor right where I was just casting.

As fast as the bite started, it was over. As soon as the tide starts coming in on the bottom.

It was a wild bite, though. I did start like clock work though. As soon as a light weight sinker would stick. And I knew that.

We didn't fight it. When the tide slacked, and the boat spun, we packed it in. I had at least 60 pounds of fish to clean. So we headed to the dock.

Whewww....what a great 3 days in a row. And the Drum population seems to be as strong every day.
Things go in cycles out there. And from what I can tell, THIS IS THE YEAR OF THE BLACK DRUM.

Wonder what the spring bite of the giants will be like in March/April??

Until then. I gotta  goTrout catchin', now. My float-rig rods have been on vacation. A vacation that they've probably been enjoying. But, I don't like them not getting their excersize.

Next pre-booked:  January 6th will it be warm and sunny? I hope so. It's a rising tide all morning.

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