Friday, January 21, 2011

1/21 - Steppin it up a notch

Yeah, I got the BUG. I need to step it up a notch or two. Now that I'm getting more familiar with my Kodak Playsports video camera.

I just bought myself this suction cup mount with tether. to mount my Playsports camera too.

I'll be able to use my remote control, to take video with out touching the camera, and have this mount sucked on to the top of the Honda outboard.

Because we're always fishing in current off the back of the boat, it's hard to get the front of folks as they are battling a fish.

My Camera mount that I have now is on the side of my windshield. An on Wednesday's charter it wasn't really in the right spot to cover any action, and still leave me free to net fish.

So I hope this will help me take better video footage of what's going on.

The fun for me isn't about the fishing.....well it is, but I like to do other things. Like while my crew is using my special bottom rigs I developed. I like to toss out a heavy jig down deep. While they're using my standard bottom rods,  I like to take an absolute "Fairy Wand" of a rod and hook up with something that "looks" as if it's huge, by the bend in a really, light action rod.

Besides having a great time taking photos of what's going on. Having the video camera is something new and exciting aboard the Jettywolf. And I hope you folks out there that have signed up for these report pages, who are on the fence about what I do out there, or really have no idea what it's all about have found some of the super novice video footage I've posted here very informational, at least.

No other guide/charter service I know of is going through the extent I am to provide YOU with as much information as I do. Let alone having every single charter day documented.  AGAIN, I do it for the person interested in booking a trip. And for the person that booked the trip to enjoy afterwards. And for past customers to see what I'm presently doing, when thinking about going out again.

We're on the path to moving from Google Blogger (here on this page) to heading the blog over to WordPress, the more professional blog pages, I've been discussing lately. And with the change over forth coming, I will be implementing other changes to my "Daily Fishing Report Pages".

Don't be shocked or run away. We're doing all this to make it better. And for way more control over the information on these pages. The future could be a "test" of who really wants to be a daily/weekly or monthly reader.  Because like a monthly magazine, we're dabbling with the idea of a "subscription".
But that's still a ways away at this point. 

I have not recieved much, if any feedback on if any readers like the video's. But then again, ya'll don't comment on any reports either. Lurking in the shadows is what many are comfortable with, I guess.

I only hear from the same people.......but then again get 10-20 new sign-ups to read these pages "PER DAY!"

So I know ya'll are out there. If there's something that's on your mind. E-mail me:


Nick said...

What size (in GB) are the SD chips for storing the video in the camera and how many minutes of video will this hold/take???

Capt. Dave Sipler - JETTYWOLF said...

I have two at 4GB. One as a spare plus a spare battery too...I like having "stuff".

I believe I can do over an hour of Video, with just one 4GB memory card.

That Playsports is fantastic. The reviews on it are thru the roof!
Plus it does allot better photos than my old "dive" camera.

Waterproof to 10 feet too.

Nick said...

Is this the camera?

$149 sound about right?
If a "GO" Can you send me a link for where to purchase the mount?

Would like to start videos of some outings. I'm sensing that my girlfriend is somewhat "adventurous" when we get out in some remote areas and would like to shoot some "post fishing" video also.(wink-wink, grin)
Thanks Capt!

Capt. Dave Sipler - JETTYWOLF said...

Check Amazon from good deals on the camera. I gotmine as a bundle, with the extra goodies. There's many deals/bundles to choose from.

The mount:

She gets Frisky huh??? And you need to memorialize it, with who?

Don't answer that! This a clean "Fishing only blog"