Friday, January 7, 2011

1/6 - Drummin' the jetties.

Had Greg H. and son Mike aboard again, and this time daughter Danielle. What a great time. And since I was feeling allot better this morning, after a healthy dose of antibotics. (I believe I had a bladder infection from passing a kidney stone, yesterday) I  was fit and my crew was ready to rumble.

No Trout fishing today. Greg and crew were getting the winter Jetty treatment. One day Trout, one day bottom fishing. So around 9am we headed off. The forecast wasn't all that great. The winds were supposed to be 10-15...leaning on the 15 knots from the west. Well, it wasn't very windy at all. And at the big rocks, the direction was N.W. instead. Yep, tiny details make a difference in my world.

So, with a rising tide still, I tried a spot that I've seen some Drum and Reds caught, lately. "Ohhh, that power of observation, is a biggy" spotting what's going on is half the deal, out there. And I know I'm being spied upon, too. But today, NO ONE was around. We had the whole jetty to ourselves. So we went over and anchored up on the area. We weren't there long, and the little drum started chewin'.

My new'ish Drum rule, if I have to clean them is release the small ones into the fish box, and release the big ones back into the water. (hell, my cutting table is only so big.)
So, if they were "keepers", they hit the ice. I believe the little Drum are better eating anyhow. Just like if the limit on Reds was 14-27". I'd be dropping 16-20 inchers in the fish box.

Here ya go...This is a perfect "keeper" size. Actually on the top end of the keepers in my book. With plenty of different size fish out there. Why not let the bigger ones go. Especially if you're like me. Hitting them hard!

It was really weird, but as the tide fell very slowly. The bite dropped to near zero. So, as usual these Drum love to play games. One day it's all about "high water" and two days later it's all about "low water". But that's what keeps it interesting, I guess.

As a ole aquaintance used to say, "In Jax (compared to Miami) you have to stay rigidily flexible." 
Yep, that couldn't be any closer to a fact of life, on the St. Johns river. As soon as you think you know what's going on and get all cocky about it. Momma River and it's inhabitants sense you're getting too good, and that's when Momma River, kicks you back into reality.

Our only "exotics" today were one small pup Redbass around 16", and a giant for jetty standards Seabass at 14" that Danielle caught.

The action was good. But we had to work for it a bit. We had one heck of a great time in the last two days.
But at the end of it all. Greg said, "Boy, if I had my choice that float-rig fishing for Trout is what I'd do all the time." Wow...that's something. Because most people from far away all they want is to catch giant Tarpon and Marlin, thinking I have just giant fish penned up here for them. But Greg, wasn't your average guy coming from Colorado to see his kids. He's AVID. When it comes to hunting and fishing. So he appreciated the "hunt" for the trout yesterday, even though we didn't get into any big ones. Maybe next time??

It's all relative. Because I try and use the lightest tackle I can. And I tell people, "sometime ya better watch out for what ya wish for." Mr. Tarpon doesn't care if you're here on vacation and have one day to fish. I'm in my glory right now. And am not even thinking about Summer, July's heat, or snipe hunting for Tarpon. I love Light Tackle Fish Catching!

C'C'mon....your invited along to see the action aboard the "Jettywolf".
Check out the video clip:

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