Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1/5 - Trout fishing in Slick calm waters

Had the Hornecker crew aboard the Jettywolf today. Started out Trout fishing, and stayed with it all day.....thru the discomfort of passing yet "another" Kidney Stone. Just groin discomfort today, and lots of using the lil' blue bucket on the boat. (like every 2 minutes!!!!) And sat thru a bit of cold rain.

Caught lots of Trout, but more than many were just short of keepers. Probably 20+, while keeping 9.
None were really big, just 15-16 inchers.

It was dead slick calm. I probably haven't seen the jetties in January as windless as today in a long, long time. Remeber December 23rd's photos of water busting over the north Jetty like a water fall?
It was the direct opposite.

No day I have out there is ever the same, that's for sure. I've been hearing reports of no trout, to a few keepers, so today's almost constant action at each spot was nice to see. But they weren't everywhere, that's for sure. Two places that I thought for sure would have been a few Reds or a few larger Trout, turned out to zero spots.

It was really hard to concentrate today. My internal discomfort had me hardly picking up a rod. But Greg and his son were great to have aboard, Greg understood. He too has had a Kidney Stone. Great attitude and good fisherman, helped me get thru the day.

I couldn't really concentrate on talking much video or photos, really. But I did get off a bit.

Here's a about all I could do. But it's to show you how nice it was this morning.

Boy, I thought I made it without getting really wet. Until I was done cleaning fish, and my crew left. Then while I was putting the boat on the trailer, here it came. Wind and rain by the buckets. I was soaked, tired and still having to "go" every two minutes.

Thursday, same crew plus a daughter and this time we're bottom fishing.

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