Friday, February 11, 2011

2/11- Sheepshead 1st timers

Had  Ed Blue and sons Seth & Conner aboard today. It was cold and a bit breezy again. And the sun came out as we finished up. So back at the dock it was sunny and warm!  I don't care how cold it is, I just like to see bright sun. Just makes ya feel better inside.

Ed had a big day back on November 27th with 3 of his buddies out at the jetties. They caught the hell out of them "during the best month of the year".  Link to Ed's last report -  11/27/2010

And before that with the boys, they float fished for Reds and Trout and even hooked a late summer Tarpon that day along the Jetty rocks.

Now it's February. A whole different note. Time to slow it down and Sheepshead fish. Didn't go to the Jetties today because of the breeze. So we never caught any Black Drum. First time Sheepsheadin' can be a challenge, for sure.  But give it a month or two more. I like the spring bite, myself. During the spawn.

Last April, was a big Sheepshead month for me, with several successful trips at the jetties. I'm sure it'll be like that again. The fish are so bunched up now, and so are the boats. We were alone for about 2 hrs. Then, here they came.... No wiggle room in a 26' boat. I'd like100 feet around me to fish, not 5 feet!!!!

It would be nice to be able to fish an area, with no intruders. Believe me,  it's not an attitude. It's  Heredity: "the passing of traits to offspring" (from its parent or ancestors).  My Grandfather wouldn't surf fish if he saw another human on the beach north of south of his chosen spot. But that was also back in 1950. I guess I'm like him since his name was Dave too.

I just need to hold my breath till it's time to get back on the float-rigs again. Huh?

Here's a short video from today I did:

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