Thursday, February 10, 2011

2/9 - The illusive jetty Drum

Had Mike M. aboard today. Mike is a regular customer, and took advantage of the offer  I made way back months ago.  Single person, weekday only, and get 2 for 1, with up front deposits. (expires March 31st)

So we headed out and I had visions of Black Drum dancing in my head. 24 to 26 inchers, at least.....

Lots of  surveying going on at the Little Jetties, and even today there was some big boat that looked like it was "core sampling" the bottom behind the Little Jetties. Ya' know, they are supposedly taking all those rocks out of there and making that the ICW/River channel.

Today was one tough day. Mike and I worked way to hard for what we caught. I told Mike, the funny thing is you can't catch a fish without getting bit first. And actually getting "bit" was the problem. From the rocks along Whiteshell to the end of the jetties. We worked it all. In pursuit of the same Black Drum I've been wackin and stackin. (IE: 2/5 - 1/30 etc.)

The only thing I could see was that the incoming tide was just 3.2 feet, and the falling tide in the afternoon was a 3.5 foot, according to my tide planner book.  And the trend goes right thru this weekend also. Anything less than 4 feet or better is a really weak tide. And is most noticable at the jetties.

Or it just might be that, Mike's second "weekday trip" later on, will have to be much better.
"HARD EARNED...." was the motto of the day. Here's a video clip:

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