Monday, February 28, 2011

2/27 - Soup, but not many fish and chips

Finally, had two experienced anglers aboard, Bob and Dan. Down here working from Pa. where they did what seemed to be plenty of freshwater fishing.

I eventually ended up where we can comfortably bottom fish, all day long with a falling tide.....eventually, because we slowly made our way through the thickest fog of the year, to get there.

The forecast was: LIGHT & VARIABLE WINDS. My favorite two words in  the winter months.

The Drum bite was almost non-existent where I like to fish, which is also where I can "KEEP" my expensive anchors. Catching one 7 pounder.

We caught some small Redbass, loads of small Seabass, too many "winter" Stingrays. And actually had about 10 keeper Whiting to add to the fish box. And a few of these "brown shrimp boat" Whiting  were really huge, considering what time of year it is.

We had a good time, while fishing hard as hell. Keeping baits on the bottom versus running around in  the "soup" trying to find something else somewhere.

Can't wait for  those Jetties to turn around and get HOT, once again.

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