Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3/1 - Trout go into the b-o-x.

Out with buddy Doc Miller on his 22' Bay Boat. One spot all day hiding from monster wind gusts. It's now time to box them speckley bastards, after the annual February closure of Speckled Sea Trout.

Doc and I would rather Trout fish than do any other fishing. Not all were whoppers, but just plain good fish.(and sure did fry up nice a few hours later)

And when the conditions made for a tough drift of the slip "float-rigs", I tossed a jig. And we got allot of laughs out of the name of the colored plastic bait I was using, on a 3/8ths oz. jig head. In  the smoking tide.

Really tired of bottom fishing, so this is making for a nice break. (once again)

Had a blast today, while getting blasted by the hienous winds.

Here's a short video:


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