Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3/23 - An "I.G." half day...

Ya'll know me..."I'll take some I.G. - "instantaneous gratification" over just about anything. Doesn't matter, big or small. I just love A-C-T-I-O-N.

Had Tom & Brendon D. aboard today. They bought  my charter at the charity silent auction for Hope Therapy. Which are friends of the family. Hope Therapy does horse therapy for kids. Kids with Autism etc. Down in Middleburg.

So we picked today to head on out.  Departing at 8:30am to catch the first of the flood tide at the jetties. And like I said, It didn't take long before Brandon was hooked up with nice "keeper size", Redbass.

Ya know, I just don't seem to get all that many "keepers". They're either way too big, or they're just pups.  (Redfish size limit: 18-27") So I was really happy to see the first slam dunk of the day be a nice keeper for the fish box.  We had some Trout, but not all that many. Maybe 4 total. The water was dirty as all hell and had that sandy color to it. Not really, super Trout water.

Actually Brendon caught the first Trout and it was short of keeper status. But then we did get one for the box. But the Redbass were chewing at the first of the rising tide. And my crew got some serious runs out of the big Reds.

By noon the wind from the west started really blowing, so we packed it in. It all worked out perfect for a 1/2 day trip.
I love it when a plan comes together on a gorgeous day, with two good fisherman.

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