Friday, March 25, 2011

JOSFC- river tournament

Remember, I said I was awaiting the big Black Drum to show. But really had not heard of many being caught? Well, the Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club had their "river tournament" on March 19th, yep the day of the full moon!

I know the super moon kicked the Trout in the pants, for me at the jetties. And by all rights should have kicked the really monster Drum into action too.

I believe, it did.

Here's the winner of the tournament Tom Cavin, with the fish that walked away with the prize. A  74 pound Black Drum.

Have no clue where it was caught. But that's a fine catch on a day with a 10am high tide and during tournament hours, no real "low water".....that's when I seem to do my best. I heard it was the end of the north Jetty. So it was probably on the high rising tide.

There was also a 27 pound Black Drum, also caught.

Okay, that's ""three"", that I've actually heard about.

I think I'm going to give it a try if I can on Monday. I have 3-adults and a 6 year old. I guess the 6 year old can watch....Just the opposite. A falling tide all morning till after noon.

Every year, there's something besides water temp. The seasonal calender. Or just a educated guess, that makes it really seem like it's "GO TIME". And this year it was definately the ole super moon.

Congrats to Tom.

I wonder if that fish ate the famous Blue Crab, Squid, dead Shrimp combo meal??

I'd really love to hear about more about monster Drum. (you may think Fishing Guides have a secret network, and hear and get told all. But that couldn't be any further from the truth, around here. This is one "traps kept shut" area. So if I don't read it, or be told, like everyone else, I don't know either.)

I'd love to hear about Cobia and spring Tripletails too. But ya'll know they kinda get put in the back seat as long as the Trout along the rocks are chewin.


Not that it matters to me..... but, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (not always the smartest group) may be voting soon to enable Northeast Florida anglers to keep two Redfish per person with a limit of eight per boat.

The reason I say it doesn't matter to me, is because they are either under 18" or over 27", most months, that I catch along the jetties.

Now, if they really want to do something SMART, change the size to 16-23 inches. And target a different "population" of fish, for once! How long has it been that we've been banging on the "draftable" 18-27 inchers? Over 20 years?

The Georgia size limits of Redfish are smaller. TELL ME, the difference between fishing Jacksonville to Fernandina Beach, compared to SE Georgia?????  I'd love to hear them if ya got them.

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